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"A lot of people around here need help. Talk to them. Maybe you can lend them a hand."
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Scout 03 Club

Purple Moon Club map

Purple Moon Club is a Scout mission and a location featured in Dead Island: Epidemic.


Take the truck to the Purple Moon Club! Dr. Bauer wants you to secure a supply point in the area.

Purple Moon Club is a mission that will show new players some of the mechanics of the game. The player has to run thought the club, clear it from zombies and stop to collect supplies from the supply point located further south and then return back to the starting point with supplies and deliver them to the truck for mission to end.


  • A naked zombie can be found on the first big plaza after running through first pass and going upstairs. Sadly its censored.
  • There is a large hut on the same plaza where, when standing correctly, Puller can be seen playing chess with Floater.
  • After continuing up to another plaza there is a large stage where hanging Puller can be seen.
  • Few steps to the next objective is a bar with a banner saying "Party like it's the APOCALYPSE!"
  • Inside the hut there is a drunk Butcher, another naked zombie and map of Banoi.