A punk attacking the Hero in Moresby

You're not leaving alive!
— Punk
On the streets of Moresby and inside the abandoned buildings, the player will encounter certain survivors armed with firearms and sometimes with melee weapons who are hostile and will try to kill the Hero. They are basically bandits, otherwise known by the locals of Banoi as Raskols or "Punks".

Because of their ruthless nature, they don't care about any other survivors outside of their gang. Instead, they shoot anything that moves, even if it happens to be an unarmed and uninfected human. Most Punks will only shoot the Hero, even if they're up close and could also melee the player character; they'll try and back off and shoot the Hero from a distance where they feel comfortable.

With an exception of the Pump Station Punks, the Police Station Punks and Supermarket Punks, they will respawn a few minutes after the player kills them, just like zombies.

Level Health
1 400
9 500
16 720
31 1300
40 1600
50 1800


  • Immediately take cover. They will shoot anything moving on sight, but they will make themselves known first.
  • You may want to take the first gun you find and arm it quickly. Head shots are fatal to them.(Go for the head.)
  • All armed survivors will attack the undead on sight, so take note of this diversion if you are low on ammo and weapons. Lure a Ram in to do your dirty work for you, and not only will you take care of the Punks, but you will probably take care of the Ram as well.
  • Some Punks come running at you with various melee weapons. They are fairly adept at using weapons and dodge your attacks while performing combos on you. Be sure to kick them to give you some room before attacking.


  • In Moresby, the player can quite often hear Punks long before they can see them, usually spouting threats to the Hero even if the Punks can't see them, much unlike Walkers. While this allows the player to prepare to encounter them, locating the source of the noise can be difficult.


  • It appears that during the course of the zombie outbreak, many of the Punks have split apart from previous allegiances, resulting in multiple groups.
  • Various Punks have different names, including Jungle Muggers and Looters.

Different names

The people of Banoi and Palanai have used many names to refer to these people;

  • Punks
  • Raskols
  • Thugs
  • Smugglers
  • Jungle Muggers (whilst appearing in a different location are still classified with them)
  • Looters
  • Bastards
"In times like these, you think people would pull together."
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