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Punk leaders

Two punk leaders

Punk Leaders were punks introduced and featured in the Ryder White's Campaign DLC for Dead Island.


Punk Leaders were the controlling force of the punk gangs that rose up in Moresby, taking advantage of the breakdown in law and order from the outbreak. These punks were the meanest, toughest and most ruthless members of the gangs, capable of giving the gang some semblance of control and direction. These punks allowed them to use the chaos to take control of large, key strategic areas of the city, including the police station and bridge.


  • Use lots of cover. Thanks to their firearms, they can easily take down your health and kill you.
  • Go for headshots. Despite being higher health than a normal punk, they are still human enemies so die in a single headshot.
  • Molotovs and incendiary grenades will one shot them, as like all human enemies, they burn up for a lot of fire damage, so getting touched by the incendiary material will light them up like a candle and kill them.
  • A group of Infected can kill them if there's enough Infected about to swarm them. This is difficult and dangerous, not worth the hassle of getting the Infected all the way up the bridge.




  • They're similar to the punk leaders in the normal campaign, like Zipper and Rage Machine, since they just have more health than normal Punks.
  • Sometime in early Dead Island, back in 2011 to 2014, Sniffer would sometimes accidentally be renamed Punk Leader. This was fixed in late 2013.
  • In the Definitive Edition, all three punk leaders on the City Bridge share the same character model. They also wear helmets, meaning they do not die to a single headshot.