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Pump Action is a hard difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Trevor Rogers in Dead Island: Riptide.


The hero has to go and find a mud pump in Marik's Marina to pump out the entrance to the Japanese Tunnels.


  • Talk to Trevor to start the quest.
  • The tunnels entrance is flooded, so currently there's no way for them to get through. However, he knows that there's a mud pump at Marik's Marina that they can use to pump it out.
  • Head out to the front of the Santa Maria Mission and take the boat to Marik's Marina. You'll need it anyway to transport the pump back.
  • If you don't want to take the boat, you can always fast travel to Paradise Survival Camp and take the car to Marik's Marina, but it's a lot more hassle, especially with regards to getting the pump back.
  • Once you arrive at Marik's Marina, Jimmy's Workshop contains the pump and is on the other side of the river. You might have seen it when you first got the boat. It's on its own little dock and there's usually a Floater in front of it, as well as a Suicider.
  • Get onto the dock, kill the zombies there and make your way to the end. You'll see some broken boards and wooden stilts that lead to the back of the warehouse. You need to parkour over them to proceed.
  • Once you're at the back of the warehouse, there's a ladder leading to the roof. Climb up it and proceed along the roof.
  • At the far end, there's a ladder down into a small fenced off area, which has a load of Walkers milling around in it, as well as a Thug usually.
  • Kill the Walkers, then proceed into the warehouse. There's some more zombies inside, including a Suicider waiting around the corner. Don't get caught out by it.
  • The pump will be easy to spot as it'll be glowing. It's on the floor near the door you used to come in.
  • The main door is barricaded closed. Unblock it, then open it and carry the pump out. Like with crates and gas cans, you can't run, jump or swing a weapon while carrying it, making you very vulnerable. Make sure you killed all the zombies out the front before carrying it out.
  • Load it into the boat and pilot it back to the Mission. If you didn't get here by boat, I suggest you take the one that spawns at the Marina.
  • Once you reach the Mission, carry it to the back room where Trevor is located and place it in the glowing outline.
  • Talk to Trevor to finish the quest and get your reward.


  • Four Molotov Cocktails can be found out the front of the workshop, located on two tables.
  • A Metal chest is in the fenced off area after dropping down from the roof.
  • The warehouse is full of useful weapon mod parts, including blades, nails and metal scrap. Make sure to fully loot the place before moving on.
  • Check the Mission before you leave and take all the mines you can find in the wooden chests dotted around the interior. They respawn and they'll come in very useful in a couple of quests time.
  • Be careful when traversing the Marina, as it's a haunt of many Infected which can surprise you and overwhelm you if not prepared or looking out for them.
  • There's often a Floater guarding the warehouse steps into the Marina, so make sure you can deal with it.
  • When on the roof of the warehouse about to jump down into the fenced off area to access the warehouse properly, there will be several Walkers waiting for you. Throw a molotov or explosive down to them, or kill them from the roof with a flare gun to dispose of them safely and without risk to yourself.
  • It's advised to transport the pump via boat rather than lugging it back to a car at the Marina, if that's how you got there. Even though the boat is louder and will attract Drowners as you travel, it's a far easier method, not to mention faster as the Mission is literally in the middle of the waterways, so you'd have to take it back out of the car and carry it there.


  • If you visit the workshop before activating this quest, the pump will still be there and will still glow as if you can pick it up for a quest. If you try and activate it, however, nothing happens and no prompt comes up to interact with it. The same happens if you quit the game and then return to the workshop after completing the quest. The pump will have reappeared and still glows but is not interactable.