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The Puller is a new type of zombie featured in Dead Island: Epidemic. It moves on all fours, similar to that of a crab, and has an elongated tongue. Its tongue is used to grab survivors and pull them towards himself.


The Puller has elongated arms and legs, blue shores, small white eyes, has brown hair and a very long tongue.

Massive Pullers[]

Massive Pullers are the pinnacle of pullers and are the ultimate 'boss' variant. They are larger and stronger than a regular puller and look very different to a normal one. Massive Pullers glow from their mutations and enhanced strength but other than that they look mostly the same. They have no new abilities to the normal variants but are just generally a lot more dangerous.



  • Its behaviour is very similar to that of the Smoker in the video game, Left 4 Dead 2. The Smoker grabs players with its tongue and pulls them towards it.