The Propane Tank is an interactive item that is scattered around Banoi Island.

When picked up and thrown, it will stumble or knock down any zombie it comes in contact with, dealing a small amount of damage. After it is thrown, you automatically equip any firearm in your inventory.

When it is shot, or a melee weapon is thrown at it, the tank will explode, dealing fire damage to all enemies or players in its blast radius.


  • There are several non-interactive acetylene tanks throughout the game, which appear as thinner, elongated propane tanks. Some are red and explode just like the propane tank; however, they are otherwise totally non-interactive.
  • There are lighter colored propane tanks that are neither interactive or combustible, being an off-white as shown in the gallery.
  • There are even red-and-yellow barrels that explode as well. Like the propane tanks, the barrels explode when you shoot them, throw weapons at them, or expose them to flames from Molotov Cocktails.


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