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The Prison Hospital is a location featured in Dead Island and is the medical ward of the Prison. The heroes briefly go through here as they race Ryder White to the roof. Upon hearing from Kevin that White knocked them out in the elevator using gas and stole the vaccine, they fight through the hordes in the prison to race White to the roof for a showdown to get back the cure.

In Ryder White's Campaign, Ryder frequently visits the hospital wing as that's where his infected wife, Emily, is located, strapped to a bed as a zombie. It's his first stop when he reaches the prison and he comes back several times to deliver and inject Emily with medicine to slow down her infection but to also to retrieve her on her bed to wheel her to the roof where a helicopter, Super 25, is waiting for them, along with BIDF Soldiers.


It's spread over two floors, with multiple wards separated with a long corridor between them, segmented with double doors and metal bars. The wards have multiple medical beds in them, enough for at least ten patients in each ward. There's various lockers and shelves with medicines and equipment on them. There are discarded gournies in the corridors, some with corpses and others splattered with blood. The floors and walls are covered in blood and gore. There's a stairwell at the end of each corridor for access to the hospital when the lifts are out of action.

It's infested with zombies of all kinds. Walkers, Infected, Thugs, Rams, Suiciders and even the occasional Floater. Due to all the infected inmates being brought to the hospital before the dead started to rise, the large amount of bodies result in one of the highest zombie population per meter in the game.

Tips and strategies[]

  • Bring a lot of health and/or ammo if applicable. There's a lot of zombies here, especially special infected, so health and good weapons are needed.
  • There's some food items in the wards in small plastic crates, so use them if you need to.
  • At each stairwell, just before the double doors to enter the floor, there's a workbench and plenty of ammo, so if you ever run out, head back to one to stock up on ammo. Just don't linger too long; otherwise, the zombies might respawn.
  • Here's a Steam guide walkthrough:


  • Ryder White's wife, Emily, was a doctor at the prison and treated the infected before it was common knowledge that they turned into zombies.
  • Kevin also assisted Emily in the Hospital, hence why he knows so much about the outbreak.
  • Roger Howard ended up turning in the Hospital wing, evidence by the body leaning up against a wall with a recorder by its legs.


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