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DI2 Character Packs DLC

The Premium Character Packs, also known as the HELL-A Catwalk Collection, is a DLC featured for Dead Island 2. They are a collection of six character packs, which come with a skin for a Slayer and a new weapon which can be used by any of the Slayers, excluding the pack for Amy which comes with two weapons. Each pack is available separately, with Gaelic Queen Dani also being included in the Dead Island 2 Expansion Pass. Similarly Character Pack 1 and Character Pack 2 are included in the Gold edition of the game. The other 3 packs must be purchased seperately. All packs were released on June 13th 2023.


DLC Name Character Costume Name Weapon Release Date
Character Pack 1 Jacob Rodeo Sunset Jacob The Devil's Horseshoes June 13th 2023
Character Pack 2 Amy Neurunner Amy Casimir and Julienne June 13th 2023
Character Pack - Gaelic Queen Dani Dani Thoroughly Modern Medb Dani Brainzzz-Biter June 13th 2023
Character Pack - Jungle Fantasy Ryan Ryan Doc Sausage Ryan The Old Man June 13th 2023
Character Pack - Steel Horse Carla Carla Pantera Trueno Carla Van Flensing June 13th 2023
Character Pack - Venice Vogue Bruno Bruno Downtown Dandy Bruno Skull Driver June 13th 2023