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Power Slaves is a hard difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Will in Dead Island. Despite being a side quest, it must be completed to fulfil the requirements for House of Science.


The hero must clear a path to the Laboratory generator room and install a new fuse to restore power to the lab.


  • Talk to Will to start the quest.
  • He'll explain that the power is out and they need it back, but the generator is overrun by zombies.
  • Head outside and get into the jeep in front of the reception of the lab.
  • Drive around to the side of the lab, following the road, and run over all the zombies there. There's a lot of them so the car is the safest option. If you don't want to take the car for whatever reason, have a good weapon ready and be ready to kill around 10 Walkers.
  • There's a lot of zombies down the side road leading to the large vehicle gate. You need to get close to this gate to trigger Will into unlocking it for you. If you use a vehicle, you can just run over the zombies until they die.
  • Once the gate is unlocked, drive (or walk) through it and kill the Infected and Butcher that will run at you from near the cells. Kill them both and clear out the area in front of the first warehouse which has a few Walkers milling about.
  • Park up the car (if applicable) and head inside the warehouse.
  • Inside the warehouse you'll find a neat little surprise, a Ram!
  • There are two strategies to defeat the Ram; you can either fight him or lure him out of the warehouse and then hurry back inside and close the door, trapping the Ram outdoors. The fuse required for the quest is in the back office of the warehouse. There's a workbench and some food to heal yourself up and repair your weapon.
  • Once the fuse is obtained, the bodies on the floor will come alive, so make sure to kick them to make them inert before collecting the fuse. This will stop them coming to life
  • The next phase of the quest is to place the fuse in the power station. The power station is located down the side of the mountain, accessible via the stairs adjacent to the warehouse.
  • Head back out the warehouse, killing the Ram if you didn't fight him in the warehouse, before heading down the stairs.
  • Follow it all the way down, heading down the second set of stairs, before reaching the generator room. Will will talk to you via a speaker when you near it.
  • Outside the station are some zombies but the interior is vacant. Kill them all and head inside. When the fuse is placed into the fusebox and power restored, Infected will spawn in some set locations, attracted by the noise.
  • Keep calm and kill the first two Infected which spawn hunched over a pile of meat on the ground. Kill them and run up the stairs to the inaccessible warehouse. There'll be another Infected here, so kill it as well and head back up to the first warehouse.
  • Make sure to get your stamina back, especially if completing this quest by foot, as yet another Infected will spawn in front of this warehouse. Kill it with either your weapon (or car if applicable).
  • Before any more show up, get into the car (if possible), and drive back to the lab. If on foot, sprint up the road back to the lab reception, ignoring all the zombies you might see.
  • Head back to Will and hand in the quest.


  • The generator area where the fuse must be installed has a box of pistol ammo.
  • If you turn left near the metal bridge, you'll find Infected trapped in cages and a Butcher and Walker in an open one. It's advisable that you kill all of them before grabbing the fuses to make things easier, as the cages will all be opened once you set up the power.
  • Completing this quest allows you access to the safe and workbench in the back room, as well as the respawning shotgun ammo box on the table.



  • The name of the quest might be reference to a popular heavy metal band Iron Maiden song of the same name.