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2000 points laying on the ground

Points are the main score keeping system in Dead Island: Retro Revenge. Nearly every action taken will award the player with points, which accumulate in a counter at the top of the screen in the middle next to the Score Multiplier.

Earning points[]

Points are acquired from all sorts of means and below is a list of point sources with the amount of points rewarded for each in Bold. The base amount of points is mentioned, without any multipliers applied.

  • Hitting an enemy with any damaging attack: points vary, see points per health table
  • Gibbing the corpse of an enemy after killing them i.e. exploding the corpse or smashing it with a downwards attack while walking over it: +10
  • A 'good' hit is awarded if the player's circular crosshair overlaps the enemy's glowing star for any amount when applying the first hit on an enemy: +50
  • A 'perfect' hit is awarded if the player's circular crosshair is perfectly centered on the enemy's glowing star for the first hit on an enemy: +100:
  • 'Dismembered' points are awarded for knocking the head off a Thug or the leg off a Stomper: +100
    • Finishing a Thug off with an upwards attack knocks off his head.
    • Performing the right, right, down combo on a Stomper will knock off his leg.
  • 'Homerun' points are gained from sending a Zombie Dog flying as a projectile after hitting it's corpse in mid air: +100:
    • Hitting a zombie dog with the downwards attack will launch it in the air. Hitting it again will send it flying, rewarding the 'homerun' points. The dog projectile travels forwards under a +45°, 0° or -45° direction depending if it is hit with the upwards, forwards or downwards attack respectively.
  • 'Disarmed' points are awarded when completing the combo on a Pistol Enemy or Rifle Enemy: +100
    • Performing the up, right combo on a pistol enemy will disarm it, firing a bullet in the lane of the pistol enemy as well.
    • Performing the down, down, up combo on a rifle enemy will disarm it, firing one bullet in the +45°, 0° and -45° direction each.
  • The 'remote bomb' points are awarded for killing a Suicider using a projectile. This can be any projectile but the Suicider must die to the projectile hitting it: +250
  • 2000 points are awarded for picking up the points dropped by a destroyed Airdrop crate, when the player is at full health and has not used their magic power: +2000
    • The 2000 points are NOT affected by the score multiplier.

Points per Health[]

Enemies sport different amounts of health and award different amounts of points for each health point removed. Below is a table with the health values and points per health (PPH) removed for all enemies.

Enemy Walker Zombie Dog Suicider Hyena Leader Riot Shield Thug Stomper Grenadier Pistol Enemy Rifle Enemy Flanker Mace Enemy Machete Enemy Trickster Pugilist Flamethrower Enemy
Health 1 1 1 2 2 2* 5 3 2 2 3 2 3 2 2 3* 4*
PPH 20 20 0 10 10 10 5* 10 50 25 15 25 5 10 10 5 5
  • Even though riot shield enemies have 2 health when insta-killed, they can be hit 3 times if the first hit is a downwards attack. This attack still awards 10 points even though it does not technically damage the riot shield enemy.
  • The third health point of Thugs rewards 10 points instead of 5 points, making the total points earned for eliminating a Thug 30.
  • Insta-killing a pugilist awards 20 points instead of 15 points one would get for removing their 3 health points.
  • The forwards hit in a down, down, down, forward combo on a flamethrower enemy will not reward points.

Score multiplier[]

The awarded points can be multiplied up to 4 times their normal amount by increasing the score multiplier. To do this, Max must not get hit and also kill enemies to increase the gauge at the top of the screen. There are 10 closed fists which open with each kill. Upon reaching 10 consecutive kills without taking damage, the multiplier will increase to x2. This can go up 2 more times to reach a total of a x4 multiplier. Using the Super Weapon will automatically double the current points multiplier for its duration (making a x2 multiplier a x4, making a x4 a x8 multiplier, etc). This is the key to getting a lot of points and therefore getting a good rating for the stage.

Points calculation[]

The awarded points for any action are calculated as:

where PPH stands for 'points per health' and 'special hit' are any of the points described in the earning points section apart from the 2000 points and points awarded for any damaging hit.

Example: With a points multiplier of 3, the player uses his magic power hitting: 1 Leader, 2 Walkers and 3 corpses, which yields 1170 points as follows:


  • Kill methods that do not leave a corpse behind, such as the Sledgehammer, deny you from the +10 points awarded for gibbing a corpse.
  • To maximize points gained from a riot shield enemy, the first hit should be a perfect downwards hit.
  • Suiciders do not award good or perfect hits even when the crosshair overlaps their glowing star nor when killed with super weapons or magic powers. When killed with a projectile, they award the 'remote bomb' points instead of the perfect hit points.
  • The crosshair can be turned off in the settings. Good and perfect hits can still be acquired when the crosshair is off by hitting the enemy at the same time as if the crosshairs would have been on.
  • Although no crosshair appears behind Max, it is still possible to achieve good and perfect hits with the backwards attack if timed correctly. This is more difficult due to the missing visual aid of the crosshair.
  • Although barriers have no glowing star, when destroyed with the special weapons, a good or perfect (or neither) hit can be awarded when destroying them. Similarly, when destroyed with a projectile, super weapon or magic power, they will award a perfect hit.
    • The glowing star location of a barrier is roughly near it's center.
    • Barriers have a PPH of 0.


  • A perfect run of stage 1-1 will award about 49540 points.