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Weapons with the Plasma Cutter Mod applied appear identical to those using the BBQ Mod

The Plasma Cutter Mod is an unused weapon modification in Dead Island: Riptide. It is not found anywhere in the game, and can only be obtained via save editing or game modification. The mod was intended to add fire damage to any Shovel.


The modification is identical to the BBQ Mod, using the same crafting components, modifying the same weapon (the Shovel), producing the same alteration in stats and appearance, and even having the same description. The only difference is the modification's name, and the fact that it cannot modify the DLC-specific Blade variant of the Shovel.

Its unknown why the mod was cut from the final game, however had it made it to final release, it would have functioned identically to the BBQ Mod. With fire damage and the ability to basically instantly kill any poison enemies, the mod has some use, though suffering the same drawbacks as the BBQ Mod, being its very limited weapon selection (only being available to the Shovel) and the fact that superior fire mods become available later in the game.


The Plasma Cutter Mod has identical stats, description and requirements to the BBQ Mod:

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Looks like a hell of a weapon and does not disappoint.
The mod is automatically placed into the inventory once the player has purchased the Survivor Pack DLC.
Blueprint Base Item Needed Required Material Cost Stats




  • By giving yourself the mod via an external means, such as a cheat engine, and applying it to a Shovel or Blade will result in it being called a 'Plasma Blade' or 'Plasma Shovel'.


  • It's unknown why the mod was cut from the final game, but it's likely that the final decision was made because of the BBQ Mod, an identical mod.
  • It's also possible that the Plasma Cutter Mod was the original name for the BBQ Mod whilst it was undergoing development, before it was renamed and placed in the Survivor Pack DLC.