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The Plaguebearing Military Knife is a developer's craft weapon blueprint featured in Dead Island. This Developer's Craft must be unlocked via the coloured Skulls found across the game.


Like all other dev craft mods, the Plaguebearer Military Knife is an extremely powerful weapon that has both upsides and downsides. It is, essentially, a military knife modded with a poison mod that just has a 100% crit chance. As such, if you're familiar with poison mod then the effects given by this weapon will be of no surprise. When it hits, it will cause whatever zombie it touches to suddenly bend over and throw up repeatedly whilst taking heavy poison damage. It's best used against tougher, more dangerous enemies such as Thugs where the effect will kill them in one hit. However, whilst it is a very good weapon for this, it has several downsides not including its extortionate crafting cost of $10,000 Cash, an Oleander and 5 Diamonds, the rarest of all the mod items. In addition, it is exceedingly high to repair and maintain, which combined with its permanent low level as it doesn't scale with player level, makes it exceedingly costly to run all the time. It has very low durability, force and damage compared to even a common rarity regular weapon which makes worthless as an actual weapon. Finally, it is a knife which gives it a very short range, allowing zombies to easily get hits in if you're not dodging their attacks.


Like all dev weapons, the weapon has no applicable weapon mods, though it must be crafted through a blueprint:


  • Like all dev craft weapons, it can't be found in the world and must be crafted at a workbench.
  • Also like all the dev craft weapons, when crafted the weapon is of grey Item Rarity and capped at level 1.
  • It is essentially a military Knife with a poison mod applied that has a 100% crit chance.