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The Pistol Ammo Recipe is a weapon mod featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. Unlike other mod blueprints, when used at a workbench, it does not create a new weapon but rather creates ammo for the Pistol.


As the name suggests, this mod creates ammo for a pistol and is arguably the most useful of all the ammo mods. Pistols are able to be found easily in Moresby due to the abundance of Punks found in the city and this mod is also found there, though towards the latter half of your stay in Moresby. Still, it's the first ammo mod found and so can be used first. It's quite cheap to craft, with just three mod items needed and only $250, making it one of the cheapest mods out of all mods. Unlike the other ammo mods, the pistol ammo is the most 'universal' of them all as nearly every character will have a reason to carry around at least a pistol on them for detonating things like Suiciders or Propane Tanks, so while Purna Jackson will get the most mileage out of this mod, it's still useful for the other Heroes. When crafted, it gives 15 pistol bullets which is the same as a full magazine for a regular pistol, something quite useful if in a tight spot and ammo is needed quickly.

The main drawback of the mod is just how comparatively easy it is to get pistol ammo normally. There's many punk gangs in Moresby which will respawn every time Moresby is loaded and each punk will drop a box of Pistol Ammo and a Pistol itself, meaning if your current pistol is out of ammo, you can easily just trade it out for one of the ones dropped by a punk or collect the box of ammo they drop upon death. While some of the punks can be out of the way, they can easily be walked to and killed for their ammo. Many Merchants also sell pistol ammo, such as Wes Tweddle in the Bloodbath Arena lobby who can be fast travelled to whenever ammo is needed. Ammo is also quite plentiful in Henderson in Dead Island: Riptide, being available in most of the Safe Houses the group is at an following them when they move. It's also found on tables all across the city, making it highly likely that ammo will be naturally encountered. The other major drawback is a certain mod item used, which is the Bleach. Bleach is a rare mod item, one of the rarest 'common' mod items in the games, being sold by very few merchants and having no natural spawn locations. Because of this, it will be in very limited supply and if you're planning to mod a pistol with something like the Striker Gun Mod, that requires Bleach so even less ammo will be able to be crafted before it runs out. All the ammo blueprints require Bleach so if using something like a Rifle as well as a pistol heavily, that's another ammo blueprint that will need the precious bleach. Overall, the mod is the most useful of all the ammo mods but due to the scarcity of one of the mod parts and the abundance of natural pistol ammo and pistols, the mod will not get much use unless playing as Purna or using firearms heavily in a playthrough.


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Below I wrote down a relatively easy way to create pistol ammo. It really requires little effort and the effect is more than worth it.
In Dead Island, the blueprint is located in the cells control room of the Police Station, on a table next to the Workbench
In Dead Island: Riptide, the blueprint is location at the Pinai Ferry Station inside a wrecked car, next to the warehouse that Jayden is located inside.
Blueprint Base Item Needed Required Material Cost Stats

Pistol Ammo



    • +10 Pistol Ammo


  • The mod gives the same amount of bullets as a box of Small Pistol Ammo, being +15 bullets or a full pistol magazine.