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For the ammuntion in Dead Island 2, see Pistol Rounds.
Pistol Ammo

Several boxes of ammo

Pistol Ammo is the ammunition used for pistols in Dead Island, Dead Island: Riptide and Escape Dead Island. In Dead Island and Riptide It comes in two different boxes, either a small pistol ammo box or a large pistol ammo box, containing either 15 or 30 rounds respectively. The Hero can carry up to 50 rounds of pistol ammo in reserve, as well as a full magazine in their sidearm of choice. In Escape only boxes containing 5 pistol ammo can be found. Cliff Calo can carry unlimited pistol ammo.


In Dead Island and Riptide the box itself is a small green cube, with a top mounted lid. There is a white stripe running diagonally across it which has the brand name on it. Also smaller writing in black can be seen. In Escape the box is light red with dark red stripes and white letters reading HI-SPEED KLEANBORE with smaller text as well. The box is opened, showing the pistol bullets.


Pistol ammo is the ammunition used in all the pistols in the game. Whether you're using a pistol, heavy pistol, revolver or magnum, this ammo will supply it. In both games, firearm ammunition is very difficult to come by, so make sure to stock up on it when you can. However, pistol ammo is the most common of all ammo types, as many human enemies will carry pistols. The best place to stock up on pistol ammo is in Moresby, as there are many gangs of punks who wield pistols. These enemies will respawn, giving you access to infinite ammo when needed. It is unable to be sold to Merchants, traded to other players or dropped on the ground.

In Dead Island: Riptide, due to the considerable lack of human enemies found in the game, ammo is very difficult to come by until reaching Henderson in the final part of the game. Because of this, finding pistol ammo is a considerable task if you're not interested in buying it from the isolated merchants to sell it in the Flooded jungle. However, ammo is very plentiful in Henderson, with most of the safe houses having a crate or two of various ammo, including at least 3 pistol ammo boxes. Also some ammo boxes can be found on tables across Henderson, such as outside café shops.

In Escape Dead Island, pistol ammo is shared across all pistol types like in the main games and likewise it's somewhat difficult to come across. However, it's plentiful enough to have a stock of it for when it's needed. Unlike the main games, however, a single box of pistol ammo only gives 5 rounds, so to get a lot of rounds requires a lot of scavenging, saving and even several playthroughs to get enough, and even then it can be quite easy to get low on ammo. It can't be dropped, there's no merchants to sell it to and the game is single player. Luckily though, there is no limit to the amount of ammo Cliff Calo can carry.


Dead Island[]

Ryder White's Campaign[]

Dead Island: Riptide[]

Escape Dead Island[]

During the Prologue (ammo is lost after finishing the Prologue):[]

  • 1 box near the silenced pistol pick up point, 4 to the right of the explosive barrels and 4 on a table after blowing up the wall.
  • 1 box On a desk in Dr. Branden's Lab, i.e. where Rob assassinates the Mole.
  • 1 box in the corner before the door leading to the inclined hallway.
  • 1 box on a shelf in the room with many explosive barrels.

During the main campaign[]

  • After acquiring the Pistol, if cliff dies twice at the same save point 1 box spawns with him.
  • Similarly after acquiring the Shotgun, if cliff dies twice at the same save point both 1 box of pistol ammo and 1 small box of shotgun ammo spawn with him.
  • Beach
    • 1 box inside the small, locked hut at the back of the Beach Bar. Only accessible with the Lever Axe.
  • Jungle
  • Helipad
    • 2 boxes in the room before entering the Freight Elevator (bottom floor).
    • 1 box in the right side of the room after exiting the freight elevator (top floor).
    • 2 boxes inside the DLC hatch where The Walloper is found. Requires the Underwater Labs DLC.
    • 2 boxes in the Greenhouse when Cliff briefly teleports in there during one of his first mental episodes, after defeating the Butcher. The first box is left of where Cliff spawns, the second behind the wall where the first box is. If not grabbed during the mental episodes, they can be picked up during the chase in Mission 7 - Beauty and the Beast.
    • 1 box before fighting Linda.
  • GeoPharm Labs
    • 1 box behind the DLC hatch.
    • 1 box inside the gas filled room of the tunnel connecting GeoPharm Labs to the Airfield. Can be taken without the Gas Mask if you are fast enough.
    • 2 boxes in the pipeline enclosure before the Marina gas tunnel, near the tree.
    • 1 box inside the kitchen of the Reception Area. Requires the Gas Mask to access.
    • 1 box on the upper part of the Refining Lab, near the first Spitter.
    • 1 box on a table in Dr. Faith Kimball's Lab in the GeoPharm Labs.
    • 3 boxes inside the lower, gas filled area of the Refining Lab, scattered around the area. Requires the Gas Mask to access.
    • 1 box found with the silenced pistol in the Lab Office.
    • 2 boxes in the lab corridor before Dr. Branden's Lab. Requires Lab Corridor Keycard.
    • 1 box underneath the stairs in the water pump room after Dr. Branden's Lab.
    • 1 box in the right corner after the vent, in the Infected introduction room, before the Locker Rooms.
    • 1 box in the right corner of the room with many metal cabinets, after storing the USB in the locker room.
    • 1 box on the ground floor before going underneath the garage door leading to Dr. Aaron Welles' Lab.
  • Underwater Labs DLC, hatch near GeoPharm Labs.
    • 2 boxes Inside the sideroom at the top of the first stairs. Ronald's Log 1 is also found here.
    • 1 box inside the closed room after the second Siren encountered.
    • 2 boxes in the sideroom before the Dweller introduction scene room.
    • 1 box in the refrigerator room in the upstairs part at the start of the vent section of the DLC. This section starts after drowning on the flooded stairs.
    • 2 boxes in the room with 2 engines and 2 Dwellers, behind a pallet in the first room.
    • 1 box in the observation lab with electric switch to electrocute a Spitter (go right after the room with many explosive barrels).
    • 1 box at the far away end of the catwalk in the 'whale room', where a spitter spawns.
    • 2 boxes in the second bedroom, containing 2 Infected.
    • 2 boxes on a bench in the large 'living room' where a Bouncer is encountered.
    • 2 boxes in the fake Walloper room (inaccessible)
    • 2 boxes in the corner of the top floor of the aquarium room containing 3 Dwellers.
    • 2 boxes at the right-side bottom of the aquarium room stairs, connecting the top floor to the bottom floor.
    • 4 boxes scattered around the vault room area preceding the final area.
    • 2 boxes on the escape platform.
  • Airfield
    • 2 boxes in front of the crashed aircraft at the Airfield. Only appears when first meeting Xian Mei.
    • 2 boxes dropped by Xian Mei at the Security Office entrance while fighting the spitter.
    • 1 box behind the Hangar at the Airfield.
    • 1 box inside the Hanger, to the right after crouching underneath the boxes.
  • Staff Village
    • 2 boxes behind the table after the BBQ garden.
    • 1 box on the table in Dr. Branden's House.
    • 1 box near the electric switch.
    • 1 box at the entrance of the bottom floor of the Mysterious House.
    • 1 box on a table on the top floor of Dr. Faith Kimball's House.
    • 1 box on a cabinet inside the bedroom of Dr. Faith Kimball's House.
    • 1 or 2 boxes behind the Trusty Axe workbench.
  • Crown Residence
    • 1 box in the secret area near the grappling hook leading up to the Villa main gate, underneath the rock formation, along the wall.
    • 1 box on the Tennis Court where the Siren spawns.
  • Marina (Ammo does not spawn during Mission 3 - Echoes)
    • 1 box in the container where Cliff wakes up at the start of mission 3.
    • 2 boxes on the roof of the building in which the Rope is located.
    • 1 box on the top level of the Docks near a tree where also a medkit+1 is found.
    • 1 box underneath the metal awning of the Docks, near Charon's Log 7.
    • 1 box in the underground bunker at the end of the Dock's beach, part of the Underwater Labs DLC.
    • 2 boxes on the roof of the storage shed containing the grappling hook.
    • 1 box in the locker room before the Staff Office.
    • 1 box Inside the Warehouse next to Research Log 9.
    • 1 box on the Warehouse groundfloor on the slightly elevated part.
  • Inside Cliff's mind
    • 1 box near the spawn in Cliff's mind.
    • 1 box where you fight Infected Cliff.
    • 1 box behind the rock in the next encouter area.
    • 1 box on the table near the first red orb.
    • 2 boxes on the table before the second red orb.
    • 1 box on the table at the second red orb.
    • 1 box on the top walkway after the third red orb (where Xian Mei spawns twice).
    • 1 box before falling down to the underwater hanger.
    • 1 box to the left of the lab spawn after the Tom Calo scene.
    • 3 boxes on the table before the arena.
    • 4 boxes in the arena, each box disapears after each phase:
      • Linda phase: 1 box on the right side of the arena.
      • Kimbell phase: 1 box on the right side of the arena.
      • Aaron phase: 1 box on the left side of the arena.
      • Devan phase: 1 box on the right side of the arena.


  • Despite there being a variety of pistols and sidearms in the game, all using their own ammo type, pistol ammo seems to be universal as it will work in any sidearm in the game.
  • Purna is the best choice if going for firearms, as one of her skills allows her to carry a maximum of 10 extra pistol ammo, as well as collecting more per ammo box.
  • The ammo brand used for Escape, "Hi-Speed Kleanbore", is an actual company who specialises in gun cleaning kits and accessories but did manufacture ammunition in the past.

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