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For the weapon of the same name featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, see Pistol.
For the weapon of the same name featured in Dead Island 2, see Pistol (Dead Island 2).
For the weapon of the same name featured in Escape Dead Island, see Pistol (Escape).

The Pistol is a type of projectile featured in Dead Island: Retro Revenge. It can only be used when using a forwards attack on a Pistol Enemy to disarm them. The pistol, when wielded by the enemy, fires a single shot down the row that the enemy spawns, and this is echoed when using it as a projectile once the enemy is disarmed. The pistol fires a single bullet back down the row that the enemy was disarmed in, meaning if they were disarmed in the middle row, the pistol bullet would only travel down that row. It fires a single shot again which can't be redirected to a different row. After it fires, the weapon spins away and downwards before despawning.

Like other projectiles, such as the Thug Head, it will one hit kill anything it hits, including tough zombies like the Stomper who normally take several hits to kill. It can also detonate Suiciders it hits, however it will NOT destroy barricades, unlike other projectiles. It will also not disarm other pistol enemies it hits, rather it will kill them outright, likewise with rifle enemies.


  • It is unknown if the bullets fired from the pistol count towards the achievement/trophy Airborne Appendages.
  • The bullets do not pierce once they hit an enemy, meaning once they kill one thing, they will no longer exist, unlike other projectiles which last until they leave the screen.