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For the weapon of the same name featured in Dead Island 2, see Pistol (Dead Island 2).
For the weapon of the same name featured in Escape Dead Island, see Pistol (Escape).
For the weapon of the same name featured in Dead Island: Retro Revenge, see Pistol (Retro Revenge).

Pistols are type of firearm featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It can be given out as a Quest reward, sold by various Merchants and found in Metal chests or on killed Zombies.


Pistols are the basic firearm found in the game, and so feature decent stats, if not anything amazing. They have medium damage, on par roughly with a Revolver but lower than a Heavy Pistol and far less than a Magnum, and medium to high accuracy, allowing you to quite reliably hit zombies from a distance, if not with particularly great accuracy. They can kill Walkers with roughly 5 shots to the body, and 3 to the head, and with 15 shots in the magazine, it can be used to deal decent damage to a horde of zombies or Infected. It's not the slowest reloading weapon, and it can take down Infected relatively easily, though against Butchers or other high health but fast enemies, it's not as good of a choice if you want to avoid getting hit. It can take down high health special infected like Thugs and Wrestlers eventually, though it will likely require multiple magazines. Luckily, Pistol Ammo is quite easy to get a hold of, namely from the various Punks found in Moresby who are a reliable source of ammo for the weapon.


The pistol can accept all the normal handgun mods:



  • A pistol can be given as a quest reward:
  • Certain merchants will sell Pistols:
  • Punks and Raskols in Moresby carry Pistols.
  • A Pistol can be found next to the dead body in the cells of the Police Station where Bill is found.
  • One is found in the courtyard of Town Hall, on the table where a lecture is taking place.
  • Jungle Muggers in the Mingende Jungle carry them.
  • Afran's Soldiers will carry them, as well as the soldiers at the Antenna with Vargas.
  • Some Prison Guards in the Prison will carry and use Pistols.
  • Pistols generally first appear after reaching player level 12.
  • In Riptide, pistols deal more damage on critical hits and have a damage multiplier for head shots, dealing 400% damage against any enemy shot in the head.


  • The pistol uses the same reloading animation of Call of Juarez: the Cartel, also developed by Techland.
  • Neither of the pistols lock open when their magazines are empty.
  • All pistols and revolvers share the same stock of 50 rounds, though their real-life counterparts use different calibers.
  • In the original releases, the pistol is modelled after a Beretta M9.
  • The pistol model in the Dead Island Definitive Collection reuses the model of the American 9mm pistol from Dying Light 1, another zombie series by Techland.
    • In Dying Light, the American 9mm pistol had "Harran Arms Co." marked on the slide. In the Definitive Edition, Harran has been removed from the slide markings, which simply reads "Arms Co."
  • Modifying a pistol will add a muzzle device.
  • In the Definitive Edition, unusable pistols can be seen in the Resort kitchen during Born to be Wild, next to dead hotel security staff. These pistols have laser sights attached to the trigger guard, a feature that cannot be found on usable pistols, and a muzzle device similar to the one added to modified pistols.