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Palanai Ferry Station

A beautiful view of the area

The Pinai Ferry Station was once a modest chain ferry station that would transport cars and people to Henderson via its sole ferry. At the start of the outbreak, the station was used as an evacuation point to bring people to the military base in Henderson however, as the outbreak spread and more of the island fell to the undead, the station was overrun. A police transport bus was wrecked nearby and the escaped prisoners took over the ferry station as their safe house. It now lays abandoned, other than the prisoners, with wrecked cars and zombies.

On their way to Henderson, the heroes need to secure the station and find an operator for the ferry to take them across. After negotiations fail with the prisoners, only the timely and sudden rage that fills the heroes saves the group from death and looting by the prisoners. The fighting attracts a horde of zombies and they must defend the ferry station. Luckily, they managed to find the ferry operator who was locked up by the prisoners. The sound of the ferry motors pulling it over from Henderson attracts more of the zombies, so the heroes and the rest of the group must protect the ferry operator until the ferry arrives and they can escape to Henderson.

Main quests[]

Zombie Types[]

Tactics and Survival[]

The first time through the station is far more dangerous than returning to it later on in the game. Of course, the first time you come through you have to fight Wayne after he's turned before you can even cast eyes on the ferry terminal. Actually getting to the terminal is a pretty standard affair, with the normal Infected, Walkers, Thugs and Suiciders to keep you company, and the prisoners don't prove much of a threat considering you get free fury until most of them are dead, even then they die to a headshot as they're just human enemies after all. The siege event is the main part of the area and like all sieges it can be tricky in the later waves, but after you defeat them all they don't reappear. This also goes for the Thugs and Suiciders, as they don't respawn so subsequent passages through the area leave just Infected and Walkers to bother you, easy to deal with.

There's no different fast travel locations other than the terminal itself, so the only way to quickly get around is by fast travelling here and going by foot. There's no usable vehicles here but since the playable area is so small you can get from one side to the other in just a minute or two. The terminal building acts as a safe house, even though there's no survivors that remain here after you move to Henderson, but zombies will not spawn within the terminal grounds so you're quite safe. The surrounding warehouse and docks have some small patches of fire, but are easily avoided, as are the zombies, which are all basic types with none of the dangerous zombies appearing like Wrestlers, so traversing the area is far less dangerous than any other location in the game.


  • No side quests are given in this location, nor are there any friendly survivors to give any out. This is purely a story-based location.
  • Two special named zombies, Kayden and Jayden, can be found here and need to be killed for the achievement/trophy "Twins".
  • You get your first Sniper Rifle here, on top of a billboard near the terminal building.
    • Along with it is two molotovs, three meat bait and three boxes of rifle ammo, a very good haul and well worth it for the sniper perch and all the loot.
  • There's many workbenches around the area, so you'll easily be able to find one to repair your weapons with.
  • The Shockwave Mod is found in a warehouse next to the gas station just in front of the ferry terminal.
  • Angela Guerra Recording Part 7 is also found here.
  • There's a lot of metal chests around the area.
    • Three metal chests are found in the open warehouse area between the tunnels entrance and the ferry terminal.
    • You can also find the pistol ammo recipe here, hidden inside one of the pick up trucks.
    • Another metal chest is found in a small side room on the walkway around the warehouse area, guarded by a Thug.
    • Yet another is found at the end of the pier next to the body and desk.
    • One more is found in the warehouse where the hero angrily talks to Kessler after killing Wayne.
  • A safe is found in the back of a wrecked pick up near the exit from the gas works to the road. However, you can only open it while completing the side quest Perfect Plan. After this you can loot it every time you come back here, but it's not always going to give out money.


  • There is an SUV with supplies and UV floodlights parked on a pier with a corpse in a chair near a desk with a ham radio. This is a close reference to the movie I am Legend.
  • Only one chapter, Chapter 7, takes place at this location.
  • Purna, due to her hatred of rich people, comments on the highway as of why it was built on the small island and why someone would spend to built.