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The Magasin

Pierre's Magasin is a location in Dead Island: Riptide and is the area where Pierre can be located. It is located near a dead zone not too far from Paradise Survival Camp. It is where Pierre resides and you can complete his side quest Fire Sale to get access to his shop. He sells some good equipment, especially for low level players, however after his quest is completed, a lot of zombies will be in the area, attracted by the music he plays.


Pierre's Magasin is a small shack with fenced off area on a slightly raised platform near the water's edge. Raised on small wooden stilts, there are a few short wooden steps to get up to the main walkway around the shack. The shack itself is inaccessible, but you can access the small fenced off area. It's in here that Pierre will sit and trade with the player while also making snide and rude remarks at them. There's a small table and two chairs inside the fenced off area while a fire pit is alight outside of it.


  • There's a workbench for repairs against one side of the shack, but more importantly there is a metal chest next to it. You can constantly leave the area via fast travel to reset the chest until you find something you like.
  • It's easy to reach here from the Santa Maria Mission and vice versa.


  • 'Magasin' is the French word for 'Shop', making this location literally mean 'Pierre's Shop'.