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Phil is a named Crusher featured in Dead Island 2.


Phil was a worker at Brentwood Water Reclamation Project in Beverly Hills prior to the Los Angeles zombie outbreak. During the outbreak, he worked with his coworkers to try to maintain the water treatment infrastructure which they were responsible for.

According to a note written by Phil to his co-workers, he headed towards the facility's operations room to attempt to clear the backed-up sewage system, taking the gate control room key with him. However, along the way, he was attacked by zombies and infected, eventually turning into a Crusher. The Slayers track him down during the main quest Serengeti Siren in order to obtain his key for the front gate control room so they may meet up with Sam B.


Phil is a large muscular zombie wearing a damaged pair of black shorts and boots.


  • Like other Crushers, Phil can be stunned with Chem Bombs, leaving him open for attack.
  • Phil is slow-moving and thus can easily be picked off from a distance using ranged attacks such as thrown weapons and curveballs such as Shurikens.
  • The hallway leading up to the operations room in which Phil is initially found contains a green caustic piping system with a control valve found at the start of the hallway. When the valve is opened, the pipes spew caustic chemicals onto the hallway floor in multiple places. Phil can be lured into the hallway and have these pipes activated on him to quickly deal caustic damage and at least erode a significant portion of his health.
  • Phil is accompanied by three other zombies, namely a Walker, Runner, and Firefighter Walker, who will back him up. The Walker and Runner can easily be taken out by the aforementioned caustic pipes, but the Firefighter Walker is immune to caustic damage and hence cannot be damaged by the pipes.