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When word came down that one of the officers had abandoned his men in order to save his own family, it didn't take long to follow suit. He also had loved ones on the island and made his way home- but he was too late, and the creatures waiting for him no longer called him "daddy".
Dr. Kessler's Casebook

Peter "The Undying" Spicer is a Boss Zombie featured in Dead Island: Riptide. Peter used to be a soldier in the military before the outbreak occurred. During the initial outbreak, one of the officers deserted the army to return to his family, and due to that, many other soldiers followed and also left to find their families, Peter amongst them. However, when he returned to his home, he finds he is too late and his family have all turned into Zombies and they infect him as well, turning him into a Thug.


Peter is a middle aged man with short black hair and a clean shaven face. He wears a pair of tan cargo pants held by a black belt and brown boots with no shirt.


When idle, Peter will stand around and occasionally shake, much like how a normal Thug behaves. He may also occasionally let out a roar or stagger in one direction. Upon spotting a survivor, Peter will shuffle towards them, letting out occasional roars which alert the nearby Walkers and Infected. Peter will use the undead muscles he has to throw out slow but powerful punches that will send survivors flying backwards and deal heavy damage.

Strategy and tips[]

  • As with all the dead zone bosses, he is easiest to deal with when alone. Kill off the other zombies with him, then deal with the boss.
  • Like many other bosses, he regenerates health with each successful hit on you, so dodging his attacks or damaging him from range is the best way to make the fight as quick and painless as possible.
  • Because he's just a very powerful Thug, he moves very slowly. If you have a firearm, such as the flare gun first given to you by Trevor, you can just shoot him until he dies.
  • This goes for more powerful guns as you unlock them through the game. Once you've dealt with the other zombies in the dead zone, the boss is easy to just headshot until he dies.
  • A good rarity Sniper Rifle can take him out in just one or two headshots.
  • Because of how slow he is, you can easily just place down a load of mines at the shack entrance and have him walk into them. With enough of them he'll die instantly.
  • Throwables also work very well on him. If you have a bunch of Molotovs handy or some other throwable, he will die easily to repeated attacks.