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Perfect Plan is a medium difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Jorge in Dead Island: Riptide.


Finish the bank heist and bring the loot to Jorge.


  • Talk to Jorge to start the quest. He's in his workshop, west of the Sea Market.
  • He explains that he and some compadres had a plan to rob the Bank of Henderson, but he was then cut from the plan as it took place. He asks you to finish the heist for him, find his other co-conspirators that ran out on him and bring him the loot. He'll split it 50-50 with you.
  • The easiest way to get to the bank is to return to the Old Town Cinema (or The Fort of Henderson if you've unlocked it), fast travel to the Henderson Ferry Station and make the short walk to the bank from there.
  • If you don't want to fast travel for whatever reason, it's a dangerous trek across Henderson to reach the bank. Have a good weapon and keep an eye out for dangerous zombies that you find.
  • Enter the bank and kill the zombies that are inside. They're just some Walkers and possibly one or two Infected.
  • There's a Thug near the back of the offices, kill it to get the key for the vault, then go through the double doors to take some stairs down to the basement where the vault is located.
  • You'll reach a junction with a barred doorway leading to the main vault. Go through the barred door, kill the two Walkers behind it and go through the left hand door to find the vault.
  • One of Jorge's compadres is in there, Michael Dime. He explains that he was locked in the vault by the other two robbers to die. He tells you that you can use the computer in the main bank office to locate their vehicle.
  • Return upstairs and go to the office at the back of the main floor. There's a computer there, use the keyboard to locate their vehicle, somewhere in the Pinai Ferry Station.
  • Exit the bank and return to the Henderson Ferry Station. Either fast travel or use the ferry to reach the station on the other side.
  • Make your way to the other side of the ferry station, where you fought Wayne right after exiting the Tunnels.
  • Once you reach it, after fighting through the zombies at the ferry station, you'll find a crashed pick-up truck which has a safe in the back. There's two men arguing, Frank and Mark. They'll stop bickering once you arrive, and instead start shooting you.
  • Take cover and shoot back at them with a firearm, if you have one. If not, use cover to try and get close to them to hit them with a melee weapon.
  • Loot the safe once they're dead, then make your way to the ferry station again. Use the fast travel to get back to the Old Town Cinema, it's the closest to Jorge's location.
  • Exit the cinema and return to Jorge's location. Hand over the loot and he'll give you a large amount of cash for your efforts, half of the loot. Talk to him again to take his final quest.


  • Jorge's Workshop counts as a safe house, despite it not having the fast travel map.
  • You can loot some of the safes in the bank vault while you're down there, but they won't respawn, so you can't farm the bank for cash.
  • Michael will remain in the bank vault, despite being freed.