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Party Crasher is a challenge in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. The challenge requires you to break down locked doors that you can find throughout the game. This is easiest as Sam B, since one of his survival skill tree skills allow him to charge through locked doors without having to go through the minigame of shoulder barging it down.


  • 5 doors must be broken down for level 1 and the reward is 1,000 XP.
  • 10 doors must be broken down for level 2 and the reward is 2,000 XP.
  • 25 doors must be broken down for level 3 and the reward is 4,000 XP.
  • 50 doors must be broken down for level 4 and the reward is 8,000 XP.


  • The doors must be locked doors for this to count. Doors that are unlocked that you can just open WILL NOT count towards the challenge.
  • Previously locked or inaccessible doors that are later opened by a survivor (such as Omar during this first quest Hit and Run) WILL NOT count towards this challenge. The door must be broken open by the Hero themselves.
  • Locked doors that reset when the level is reloaded (such as the locked door on Anne's Bungalow) WILL count towards the challenge. For example, you could break down the door to Anne's Bungalow, then fast travel to a different part of the game, such as Moresby. When you return to the Resort, you can break down the door again and it would count as another locked door towards the challenge.