Overview: The Panai Ferry Station was once a station that would transport cars and people to Henderson. Due to the infection the station was used as an evacuation point to bring people to the military base in Henderson, it now lays abandoned with wrecked cars and infected. A ruined highway snakes through the station leading to Henderson, Purna Jackson due to her hatred of rich people comments on the highway as of why it was built on the small island and why someone would spend to built.

Layout: The ferry station is a small area with many wrecked cars and infected. the gate leading to the station is blocked by a car. one must traverse the docks to get to the station. many infected including a thug which spawns near a shed.

Story: The survivors come across a band of convicts who have made the station a base. when the survivors talk to the leader who will allow them past if they hand over their gear. A fight begins which suddenly alerts the infected and prematurely sends the survivors into their Fury. How the prisoner ended up at the ferry station is shown near the warehouse of a wrecked prison bus stuck in between the fence under the highway. After rescuing the trapped engineer, they call the ferry. But due to the loud winches, an infected horde is alerted and the survivors must holdout until the ferry arrives. Halfway through the horde fog rolls in reducing the view for survivors. after the horde is dealt with the ferry arrives, a group of infected including a new type of infected the Screamer attack the group.


There is an SUV with supplies and UV floodlights parked on a pier with a corpse in a chair near a desk with a ham radio. This is a close reference to the movie "I am Legend."

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