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The Paddle is a blunt weapon featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It is the first melee weapon the Hero acquires in Dead Island.


Paddles, like the other basic weapons in the game, do not scale their stats with a character's level which renders them terribly ineffective. In addition, they cannot be modified, cannot be upgraded, cannot be repaired at a workbench, and upon reaching 0% durability are simply discarded by the Hero. Like all basic weapons, the paddle is little more than an emergency weapon to get someone started until heavier hardware is acquired. The stats of the paddle are poor to say the least, with very low damage, weak force, poor durability and moderate stamina drain for what it is. The paddle does have a decent reach, being a two handed weapon which does allow the user to out range Zombies and hit them before they can hit back, making it one of the safer early weapons to use to avoid being hit. However, as said it can't be upgraded or modded, so when low on heath it's best to just discard the paddle for something else. After a few level increases the paddle loses its effectiveness. They are only to be used by very low level players or in emergencies where you can't use one of your main weapons. Don't bother taking up an inventory slot with a paddle and instead fill it with something useful. The only reason to keep a paddle is if it's going into storage as a novelty item, or maybe as a 'mascot' or good luck charm.


  • Battered Paddle
  • Paddle
  • Metal Rod Paddle
  • Rusty Metal Rod Paddle


  • Logan Carter carries a paddle, during the cutscene when the Heroes first meet a Suicider.
  • Paddles are usually the first weapon the Player uses.
  • They can be found mostly on the beaches of the Resort in Dead Island or on Pearl Sands beach in Dead Island: Riptide.

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