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DIRR POW crate

The POW crate before it is smashed

The POW crate is an object encountered in Dead Island: Retro Revenge. They always contain a power up, namely a limited time (~11 seconds) special weapon which enlarges the crosshair, making it much easier to score perfect hits on human enemies and zombies. To release the power up from the POW crate, the player has to hit the POW crate with any attack, after which the crate is sent flying forward. The crate lands with a strong enough impact to force it open. A single POW crate spawns at a pre-determined point at each stage.

Special weapons[]

All special weapons offer the same buffs, thus only differing visually. The special weapons enlarge the crosshair, making it much easier to score perfect hits on enemies. The enlarged crosshair also increases the range of Max's attacks. When an enemy is killed with the special weapon, their body is crushed, denying the player the oppertunity to destroy their corpse for points. Specifically, Zombie Dogs do not fly up, disallowing the player to use them as a projectile and score the 'homerun' points. An upside is that barriers can be destroyed with the special weapon, opening the possiblity to score perfect hits on them and advancing the Score Multiplier faster.


The sledgehammer is dropped by POW crates in world 1. It looks like a small yellow fire hydrant attached to a metal pole rather than a regular sledgehammer, so possibly it's a 'homemade sledgehammer' of some description.


The machete is dropped by POW crates in world 2 and is the replacement for the sledgehammer. It is a basic machete, enhanced with a battery. The battery is attached above the guard with conducting cables attached to the blade to electrify it.


The fireaxe is dropped by POW crates in world 3 and is the replacement for the electric machete. The head of the fireaxe is red and is engulfed in fire. The sharp side extends a bit downwards, allowing the axe to be used to pry things open. The back of the head also has a pick-shaped pointed poll, like a real life fire axe would. The handle is made of wood. The top of the handle is enclossed in some red device, likely the source of the fire.



  • It is possible in stage 1-1 for the POW crate to not spawn.


  • The name of the fireaxe is misspelled in the unlock screen as it should contain a space between 'fire' and 'axe'.