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I don't like civilians. Are you a bloody civilian?
— Owden Tully

Owden Tully is a survivor featured in Dead Island who only appears in the Bloodbath Arena DLC. He's one of the twelve Banoi Island Defense Force soldiers in the Lobby. He is stationed in the bunker, just down the right hand steps. Like the other soldiers, he has fought in the arena which may be one of the causes of his prickly personality. 


He will swear at the Heroes when passed by and will tell them he doesn't like civilians. He appears to be very annoyed, and keeps telling the Heroes to back off if they go to near him. It is likely a result of the epidemic and outbreak.


Owden is a young to middle aged man with shaved black hair and a clean shaven face. Like the other soldiers in the arena, he wears the standard B.I.D.F. uniform consisting of black body armour, black combat boots, a green camo top and green camo trousers, as well as a bandage on his right wrist. In the Definitive Edition, he now wears reading glasses and his uniform is now camo yellow.


  • He is the only unfriendly soldier in the bunker.
  • He may be British if his accent is taken into account. This would make him yet another British character alongside Dr. West, Clive Ansell and Nick. When spoken his name has a distinctly British sound to it.