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Out of Stock is an easy difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Stanley Garrison in Dead Island.


Stanley wants the hero to bring him some more Alcohol so he can keep drinking.


  • Clear the area to make Stanley come out. A group of Walkers is milling around outside his bar area, so you need to kill them all first before he'll open the door.
  • Talk to him to start the quest. He passed out drinking the night before and now wants to drink more, stating that he needs "some of the hair of the dog that bit him". He want more alcohol and you can get them for him.
  • There are several bottles in the nearby pool area, but it'll require a lot of searching to find all 15 bottles needed.
  • If completing this later on in the game, you can travel to Moresby, where alcohol is plentiful.
  • If you only have the Resort, you can leave the area and come back to refresh the alcohol placement, allowing you to constantly search the pool area for more alcohol.
  • You can hand in the bottles five at a time to get a cash reward, otherwise you can give them individually, building up to the magic five bottles.
  • Upon receiving the final five bottles, Stanley will give out his last cash reward before promptly closing the door and throwing up. This will end the quest as you can't open the door and he won't talk to you again.


  • It is easy to pick up this quest while performing Passport to Life.
  • While the quest is active, Alcohol bottles will show on the minimap as red pick-up hands.
  • It is easier to complete this quest in the Definitive Edition, as alcohol has its own separate category and you can carry as many as you want without sacrificing a weapon slot, a change made in Dead Island: Riptide and kept in the Definitive Collection.
  • If you come back after completing the quest, Stanley will be gone and you can now enter the bar. It is unknown what happened to him as we don't find him again, so he could have either wandered off by himself or Walkers broke in and killed him while he was passed out drunk.
    • The only noteworthy item inside Stanley's bar is a level 1 metal chest (that is, no collectibles or other important items - this is relevant as it's unlikely the player will return to this location after completing all quests regarding the pools area in a normal playthrough).


  • Once he receives the final bottle, Stanley will permanently close the door to the bar. There is only one opportunity for the player actively talking to Stanley to grab the final amount of cash before he closes it up. The other players will see the yellow trophy icon on their mini-map, but will be unable to get inside the bar to retrieve the reward.
    • This issue is fixed in the Definitive Edition, as Stanley will not close the door until the players leave the area, allowing for everyone to receive their final award.
  • It is possible to glitch into the hut if you swing your weapon wildly while next to the building (this may apply to other buildings as well but I've yet to see it elsewhere).