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One Less Boat is the second mission of Escape Dead Island after Smooth Sailing and before Echoes.


Cliff and his friends have to start their investigation of the island at the beach they landed on.


  • You start on the beach with Devan and Linda. Linda wanders off further down the beach while Devan stays near the dingy they took from the boat. Upon getting out of the dingy, however, Cliff hears an echo of Linda saying "so many bodies", but only he hears it.
  • You can use your camera to see if there's any snapshots available, then make your way down the beach to Linda. You can also talk to Devon before you go, as he has some dialogue you can listen to.
  • Head down the beach. You can ignore the deserted hut to your left as you go down to see Linda, as it's boarded up and you don't have a weapon to break down the boards.
  • Once you near Linda, a scene will play with Linda observing a blue shipping container with the GeoPharm logo on it. Cliff records it on his camera, stating it as proof that GeoPharm is on Narapela, and Linda notices the word 'HELP' painted on in white paint, which she speculates could have been from Banoi.
  • You can talk to Linda, but she'll ask you to collect photos as evidence. Take out your camera and take pictures of three things that have a green outline around them. These can be anything, ranging from the container itself, to the boat, deserted hut, beach bar or other GeoPharm crates lying around. It doesn't really matter what.
  • Once you have the pictures, go talk to Linda again. If you want you can explore a little bit, but you don't have a lot of equipment so not a lot of things are available to you. The cave system is blocked by rocks, the beach bar barricaded hut requires the lever axe and to get to the underwater lab as part of the DLC you need the combat flashlight.
  • Once you near Linda, you can't talk to her because an earthquake suddenly hits. Now you need to check out the beach bar.
  • There's a map of the island just up the stairs to the covered decking. Interact with it and Cliff will take it and study it. As he's doing so, another earthquake happens and some trees fall in the distance. The boat is then hit by something with another earthquake and it starts to sink, leaving the three friends to watch it go below the waves. Cliff tries to swim out to the boat, presumably to try and rescue their belongings, but is knocked out by the arm of the sail. He wakes up inside the shipping container on the beach, the beginning of the next mission. This marks the end of the current mission.


  • This is one of the shortest missions in the game.
  • This is one of the few missions to not feature zombies, but it does feature Cliff hallucinating right at the start, when he hears Linda from the future mention all the bodies they find piled up in a later mission.

New Game + Differences[]

  • If you picked up the katana from the boat during the previous mission, you can get into the deserted hut early by breaking through the barricade to the medkit on the shelf facing the doorway. The door the jungle is blocked, however, so you can't progress further.
  • After watching the ending cutscene of this mission, instead of going to the container near the marina, you wake up inside the hut very much like the on the mountaintop. There follows a short mission where you go down the beach to try and follow someone before being grabbed by a zombie.