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On the Road is a very easy difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Jin in Dead Island.


The Hero must leave the Resort in search of food, medicine, and weapons.


  • This is a very easy quest to complete.
  • Upon finishing Only the Strong Survive, you'll be deposited outside the workshop with Jin and the armoured truck.
  • Talk to Jin to start the quest, and she'll agree to go to Moresby (after a short speech).
  • Get into the truck in the driver's seat and drive to the City Tunnel with Jin.
  • The truck is now harder to see out of, thanks to the bars in the windows, but a lot more sturdy, so drive over any zombies you want between here and the tunnel.
  • Simply drive into the tunnel where the red ring is to transport you to Moresby, play a cutscene and fade to black to start Act II.
  • The cutscene shows the truck careening around the streets of Moresby, driving through the packed streets (some of which you'll recognise if you've played through the game a few times) before coming to a stop in front of the Church, where the bells are ringing. It also shows a Ram for the first time.
  • You'll regain control at the foot of the stairs leading to the Church, allowing you to start the next quest.


  • Wandering too far from the armored truck will cause a timer to appear, warning the player to return.
  • Be careful driving past the bus just past Harlan Johnson's bungalow. A Suicider is usually on the road just behind the bus, and hitting it can be fatal for you if you hit it at the wrong angle. Instead, use the dirt track on the left side of the bus. It's quicker and easier anyway.
  • This quest transitions you into Act II.

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