On the Road
DI On the Road
Difficulty Very Easy
Given By Jin
Reward 5000 XP
Task Travel outside the resort to find food, medicine, and weapons.
Location Royal Palms Resort Previous Only the Strong Survive
Next Ram on Heaven's Door

"On the Road" is a very easy quest given to the Hero by Jin in Dead Island.


The Hero must leave the resort in search of food, medicine, and weapons. They must take Jin and drive to the tunnel leading into the city of Moresby. This quest leads into Act II.


  • Wandering too far from the armored truck will cause a timer to appear, warning the player to return.
  • Be careful driving past the bus just past Harlan Johnson's hideout. A Suicider is usually on the road just behind the bus, and hitting it can be fatal. Instead, use the dirt track on the left side of the bus.

Video walkthrough

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