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Gracias! Hey, I always remember my amigos.
— Omar Torres

Omar Torres is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


He is located inside Bungalow 17 near the hotel. He can be found at any point in the main quest line, even while completing Passport to Life. Upon finding him, he gives the Hero the side quest Hit and Run in which the Hero must find a man who owes Omar money. The player follows the trail of blood to a certain spot. However, the deadbeat has turned into a Thug and must be killed. Afterwards, he gives the Hero the side quest Omar Escort in which the Hero must escort him to the Lifeguard Tower. This is a relatively hard quest, as Omar does not aid the Hero as they walk. He rewards the Hero with a revolver once they arrive there, and usually this revolver is the first firearm the player receives early in the game. The only annoyance is that the revolver earned may be a few levels above the player's current level, and only has a single bullet loaded.


Omar is a middle aged man, around his 30s to 40s, with short black hair and a goatee beard. Unlike most other male characters in the Resort, Omar is fully dressed with a light green tropical shirt, a white undershirt, beige shorts, white socks, and grey and white shoes. He also wears a gold watch on his right arm, black glasses, a green band around his left wrist, and a brown satchel bag.


  • Sometimes, Omar can be found sitting in the air instead of on the bench at the Lifeguard Tower.
  • Omar and the man who owes him money are all clearly thieves.
  • John Sinamoi and the other survivors at the lifeguard tower don't seem to care that there is a new survivor brought into her group.