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Omar Escort is an easy difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Omar Torres in Dead Island.


The Hero must escort Omar back to the Lifeguard Tower, where he's heard more survivors are located.


  • Talk to Omar to start the quest.
  • He's heard that there are survivors in the Lifeguard Tower and wants you to take him there. In return, he'll give you a firearm.
  • Omar will lead the way, so it's your job to protect him as he travels. You can't choose the pace or his route, so just stick close to him to protect him.
  • There'll be some Walkers as you travel back, if you haven't already cleared the way, so make sure to run ahead of Omar to dispatch them first.
  • Some Infected will spawn at various points. Don't let them get to Omar.
  • Once you reach the Lifeguard Tower, talk to Omar again to receive your reward.


  • This quest is much easier if the Hero heads to Omar from the Lifeguard Tower, clearing the zombies on the way. Then only a few will respawn in time for the mission.
  • It's recommended to do this quest directly after Hit and Run, as you'll probably be heading back to the Lifeguard Tower anyway so you might as well complete a quest at the same time.
  • It's unknown how Omar heard that survivors were at the Lifeguard Tower, as we never meet him before moving the group to the Tower and he's never mentioned by anyone at the tower, so as to how he found out survivors were there is unknown.
    • It's possible that the hero told him about them, we just never hear them talking.