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Exterior of the Cinema.

The Old Town Cinema is a location featured in Dead Island: Riptide located in Henderson. The cinema is owned and run by Jacqueline Phantom. It serves as a Safe House from Chapter 8 until Chapter 11.

It is first encountered during the main quest Front Row, where it is under attack. Marvin explains that the cinema doesn't have external windows, and there was a bar there, so the survivors would have plenty to eat and drink. At first, the doors on the ground floor are closed but not protected by the metal shutters and the interior is overrun by zombies. After the interior is cleared, the shutters are closed and the cinema becomes a safe house for the survivors. After the events of the main quest Evacuation, the roof access from the cinema is blocked by a large metal tank and the group moves on.

In the ending cutscene, the cinema is shown being invaded by Walkers and a Ram, which leads to Jacqueline's death.


The cinema is a large multiple story building towards the centre of Henderson. It's one of the older buildings in the town, painted in white with the columns pained in red. There's three double doors to enter the cinema which leads to the ticket office/security office. There's also a rear staff entrance at the other side of the cinema. There's a long metal ladder which leads up to a roof access of the cinema. Out front of the cinema there's a fountain and wide courtyard area. Above the entrance is a neon sign to highlight the cinema in the dark, as well as a large white peg board that can display the movies being shown that week.

Inside there's a large bar area which can sell drink and food for people about to watch the movie being shown. There's various sofas and seating for people to either talk or wait for the movie to start. There's also a vending machine here for soft drinks. There's three large windows that lead to the top of the sign out the front of the cinema. There's step access to the roof (unless Evacuation has been completed in which case it's been blocked off), as well as a small doorway which leads to the projection room. In here is an old tape projector which Jacqueline uses to project the movies onto the cinema screen. There's various metal shelves which hold the movie reels, so Jacqueline can change them around as needed. There's a large stairway which leads to a short corridor to the cinema screen. There's various rows of seating for moviegoers to watch the currently shown movie.


  • There's always a diamond which spawns on the top row of seats in the cinema screen.
  • Another diamond can be found on the bar next to the cash register.
  • The cash register can give you a large sum of cash.
  • There's always a common rarity shotgun which spawns in front of the body in the ticket office/security booth.
    • There's also a wall safe here for more cash.
  • There's a metal chest located on the outside area on top of the sign, accessible either via the large windows or from the short ladder which you need to lower first.
  • Another metal chest is found on the roof next to the workbench.
    • A level 2 locked chest can be found on the roof as well, but this one is well hidden. Heading towards the back left corner of the roof, you'll find a short stairway down to a seating area with some chairs and tables. Underneath these stairs is the chest.
  • The roof becomes blocked off after the main quest Evacuation. However, if you use the ladder on the back wall of the cinema, you can climb up to it and access all the loot left over from the siege even that happened during that quest.
    • A total of 4 grenades are found in boxes across the roof.
    • A grand total of 7 molotovs can also be found, similarly on or in boxes across the roof!
    • An M72 LAW along with 2 mad rockets for it is here.
    • Boat loads of rifle, pistol and shotgun ammo is found on the floor and in boxes.
    • Two auto rifles are here, one on the floor and one in a crate.
    • Two shotguns are also here, one in a crate and one next to it.
    • A pistol is lying next to a crate, next to the ladder up to the roof, along with a medkit.
    • Several mines are also here to collect.
  • Two workbenches are found here, one in the projection room and one on the roof, though roof access is restricted after going through the main story.
  • There's quite often a Ram in the courtyard outside the cinema, as well as some Infected and Walkers, making it dangerous to approach from the front.