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Oil Storage

Looking at the main road section of Oil Storage

Oil Storage is a location found in the Flooded jungle and featured in Dead Island: Riptide. While not marked with an in-game name pop-up, it is marked on the map with a compass sign. It is the primary destination of the side quest Fire Sale when Pierre asks you to find some petrol to keep his shop going. However, upon finding out that the pumps aren't working or are out of gas you need to look elsewhere for the fuel. Brian is also found here, trapped behind a chain fence by zombies, giving out the rescue quest Rescue Brian.


Oil storage contains a bit of everything in its small location. It has a single dirt road access for vehicles to drive in and out, with a roundabout area for them to turn around and get out from, which has a clump of trees in the middle of it. A small set of fuel pumps are found in front of James Nisira's Bungalow, a dead zone which is encompassed in this area. A crashed jeep is found at the pumps, as well as a working one. At the back of the location is a covered storage area which contains several large fuel or oil drums as well as some electrical equipment and boxes. To the left of the area is a pathway which leads into the jungle before curving back to the road. Near the entrance is a small chained box which contains some more fuel storage.


  • A workbench is found at the back of the covered storage area.
  • There's also a metal chest next to it.
  • Another metal chest is found in the back of a jeep in front of James Nisira's Bungalow.
  • The Bodily Harm Mod is found near the three large oil tanks under the covered storage area.


  • When looking out at oil storage while inside the dead zone, you can see that a lot of the location is 'culled'. I.e. not loaded in to run smoother. You can also see a different pick up to the one crashed into the pumps when not in the dead zone. Instead of the jeep, it's the pick up commonly seen in Moresby in the original Dead Island.