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The Ocean View Bungalows is a Dead Zone located in the Flooded jungle and featured in Dead Island: Riptide. It's one of the many dead zones scattered around the game, being incorporated as a part of Halai Village, specifically on the south-western "arm" of the village.


The Dead Zone is one of the more unique looking dead zones, at least out of those which have a separate loading area. Several identical "dead zones" of the exact same layout can be found across Halai, such as the one you rescue Marcus Villa from during the main quest Saving Holy Man and the following main quest Where the Dead Live, when you find his toolbox. The entrance is via a small bungalow hut which consists of a single room that has a single divider in the center. A double door allows you to pass through to the main "arena" of the dead zone. There is a raised walkway all around the central courtyard area, which is partly submerged. Two sets of stairs allow access to the floor of the courtyard, where a basement can be accessed that contains various boxes and inaccessible packs of canned food.


The Dead Zone has the entrance bungalow which acts as a safe room, featuring a Workbench for any last minute repairs, upgrades or crafting of throwables. A few Walkers may be in the safe room, but once they are killed it can be used to prepare for the main courtyard, where a majority of the enemies are found. If you have a Sonic Pulse Grenade, throwing one of them down into the courtyard below will kill most of everything down there. Most other throwables will also work, however using a Molotov Cocktail is not a good idea due to the water spread across the floor of the courtyard. Otherwise, you can wait for them to come up the stairs and kill them from height. The Nail Gun will be useful if you have one in your inventory, as you can more easily get ammo for it and you can collect the nails afterwards. Like with the molotov, the Flare Gun is also less useful here for the same reason. Several Infected spawn on the opposite side of the arena on the upper walkway and will run to you, so make sure you do not get caught out by them. Once the Infected are dead, simply kill the remaining Walkers and Infected in the courtyard, then you'll be free to loot and leave.

Ocean View Bungalows
Named Boss Eduardo "Quickdeath" Petoia (Frenzied Infected)
Blueprints Shock Mod
Rare Modification Items Circuit Boards, Heavy Duty Tape
Chests 2x common
Workbench Yes
Other notes Also the location of the "Infected Doctor" special enemy, part of the Antidote quest