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O Michael, Where Art Thou? is the seventh story quest featured in Dead Island 2.


Find out where Michael Anders has gotten to.


  • After having given Emma Jaunt the news that you can all travel to Dr. Reuben Reed and escape Los Angeles plus make a cure, Emma is unsure and wants to consult Michael on the matter, as he is her long suffering PA who she confides in. Michael, however, isn't around, so the Slayers need to find him.
  • Convince Michael to help you.
    • You need to hunt for Michael, so exit Emma's bedroom and head down the stairs and go left to the main living area in front of the main doors in.
    • Michael isn't there, however Ronnie Redford suggests checking the spare bedroom, as he would regularly stay there.
    • Head towards the front door of the house and ascend the skeleton staircase up to the second bedroom of the house.
    • Interact with the door to trigger a cutscene. Andrea Salazar is in the room and angry with the Slayers, blaming them for Michael's disappearance. Apparently he was upset at how much Emma was trusting and relying on the Slayers, so he fled the house on a mission to do something, returning to his house in Beverly Hills. The Slayers leave the bedroom at the end of the cutscene, determined to follow him.
  • Follow Michael to Beverly Hills.
    • Exit the mansion via the front door and head left, going down the side of the mansion, as if you were going to go back to the Halperin Hotel.
    • Directly in front of the side door out of the mansion is Access Road 781. Head down the access road to find a staircase to the left at the end of it, in front of a wrecked lorry that's blocking the road.
    • Go up the stairs to find a tennis court. A named Runner, Coach Ace, can be found here. She is optional to fight, but since she's a Runner, she will follow you and continue attacking her, so it's best to fight her.
    • After she is dead, exit the tennis court on the other side and go down the stairs to find a military checkpoint.
  • Find a way through the locked gate to the Hills.
    • Various military Walkers, Runners and Grenadier Walkers are found in front of it, as well as the named Crusher Checkpoint Guard.
    • Clear the checkpoint by killing the zombies there. The Grenadier Walkers can be used as mobile bombs, since they can be detonated at range by using the Shuriken Curveball to hit them in the chest, which will explode the grenades. This can be useful to damage the Crusher too. Alternatively, using your electric machete, you can electrify the water on the ground to deal damage to the zombies.
    • Once the Checkpoint Guard is dead, he will drop a keycard, the Hills Checkpoint Pass, allowing you to reach Beverly Hills.
    • Travel to the gate of the checkpoint and use they keycard on the reader next to it. This will allow you to enter and travel to Beverly Hills.
  • Check if Michael's home.
    • Once on the other side, head down the road to the junction. Various zombies will be in your way but only the usual Shamblers, Walkers and Runners. At the junction, however, it's possible to encounter Insect Swarm Walkers and Riot Gear Walkers, so be prepared for them.
    • You can either go left and up to the front drive of the house or to the right and take the stairs up, but both will lead you to the front of the house. Zombies will spawn from the drain cover whilst you are in this area, so keep on your toes.
  • Check inside.
    • The front door is locked, so you need to enter another way.
    • To the left of the door is the front window which is smashed in. Climb into the house via said window.
  • Investigate Michael's house.
    • After calling for him, the Slayers realise he's not here. You need to figure out where Michael has gone, so poke around to find clues as to his new whereabouts.
    • There's various things to collect in the main living room, however to advance the quest, head right and to the main bedroom to interact with the door.
    • The door is locked but the Slayers think they can hear something, much to their worry.
  • Look for spare keys.
    • A new treasure hunt is now initiated, which is finding his spare keys so you can unlock the bedroom.
    • Head into the kitchen at the back of the house and head to the back door, where a key holder rack is found along with a note from his neighbor Jessie.
    • The keys aren't on the rack, however they have fallen into the wastebin below them. Take Michael's House Keys out of the bin.
    • Turn around and exit the kitchen, returning to the bedroom door.
  • What's behind the locked door?
    • Unlock the door with the keys.
    • A Walker will burst out and attack the Slayer, grabbing them.
  • Kill it!
    • Throw the Walker off and kill it using any weapon.
  • Check Michael's bedroom.
    • Once the Walker is dead, enter the bedroom.
    • The Slayers are relieved that Michael isn't dead in the bedroom and that the Walker wasn't Michael, however he still hasn't been found so search the room for more clues. They decide that he must have gone to Jessie's place.
  • Figure out where Jessie lives.
    • Look for clues as to where Jessie lives in Michael's bedroom.
    • Two clues must be interacted with, in this order:
      • The answering machine on the desk. The recorded message will reveal Jessie's full name, Jessie Kwon.
      • The address cards on the bedside table. This will provide the Slayer with Jessie's address.
  • Pay Jessie Kwon a visit.
    • Having found the location of where Jessie is, exit the bedroom via the broken window into the back garden.
    • A few zombies will be found here, but they can be easily dealt with. Head to the right of the broken window and out of the back gate to travel down a short path to a different side fence, leading to Roxanne's House. Hop the door and head up the stairs towards the main door.
  • Is Jessie Kwon home?
    • Walk up to the front door and interact with it to get a cutscene.
    • Rikky Rex staggers up to the door, clearly drunk, and asks if the Slayers is the pizza guy. They lie that they are but Rikky refuses them entry, stating that zombies will rush in. When asked why he left the gate open, it turns out some of the people at his parts, and definitely not him, drunkenly rode on the gate and it broke. The Slayers make a deal where they close the gate and Rikky lets them in, who accepts the deal.
  • Fix the front gate.
    • The garage door will open as Rikky starts loudly playing his electric guitar, letting lose a Crusher and some other zombies, whilst zombies outside will continue to enter the property via the gate. The gate can be closed via a Circuit Breaker in the garage.
    • Kill the Crusher first, as he has the most health and deals the most damage. Focus on him before dealing with the other zombies from the garage. There's enough space at the front of the house to avoid the Crusher's attacks, though if you need more you can always lead the Crusher to the road outside and deal with it there. Using Meat Bait to distract the smaller zombies is an effective strategy to give you some time to focus the Crusher. Use the Shuriken to deal some good ranged damage. Alternatively, using the Chem Bomb combined with the electric machete will make quick work of it.
    • Once the Crusher is dead, head into the garage and take the circuit breaker from the shelf.
    • Cross over to the gate and place the breaker into the panel. Kill the remaining zombies within the property, as well as those that manage to get inside, whilst the gate is closing. Once it's closed, kill any remaining zombies then head to the back gate at the rear of the house.
  • Shut the back gate.
    • Like with the front gate, you need to close the back gate using a circuit breaker.
    • Luckily, there's a second breaker in the garage, so head into it and take it, then go to the back gate.
    • Milling around the back gate are a bunch of zombies, however they are all Walkers of varying type, so you can run past them and place the breaker into the panel to close the back gate before dealing with them.
    • Some Burning Walkers are found outside of the property and they can enter if you don't close the back gate fast enough, so be wary for them.
  • Mop up the riff raff.
    • Once both gates are closed, you need to kill the remaining zombies to make the area safe. Some Riot Gear Walkers can be found at the back gate who might give you trouble. Any zombies left at either gate need to be killed before you can continue. Rikky will finally stop playing his guitar after the final zombie is dead.
  • Get panties man to let you in.
    • Return to the front door and speak with Rikky, who has unlocked the door for you. He is still drunk and rambles about pizza before explaining that he was having a big evacuation party, which jogs his memory that he needs to get to an evacuation point. He staggers to his similarly drunk wife Roxanne Kwon. The Slayer tells them they are too late, but after some initial shock, they quickly get over it. After being asked about Michael, Rikky is hostile due to Michael having previously insulted him, and the two break down into laughter. The Slayers continue to press them and Roxanne tells them that Jessie might know, but she's not at the house, having only left a note on the fridge, which Rikky mocks. Having figured out that her daughter is lost out with zombies, Roxanne quickly sobers up and thanks the Slayers for going to find her whilst Rikky distracts her by "coming up with a plan". This ends the quest.


  • The garage at Roxanne's House has a Workbench.
  • This portion of the main storyline introduces the following:
    • Two named zombies, Coach Ace and the Checkpoint Guard.
    • Two common zombie variants, the Shocking Walker and Swarm Walker.
    • Two characters, Rikky Rex and Roxanne Kwon.