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The Nuts & Bolts Mod is a weapon mod featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. When used at a Workbench, the mod adds light bleed damage and a bleed critical to certain blunt weapons.


The mod can be seen as an alternative Nail'd Mod for weapons that aren't applicable to that mod. The mod can be acquired relatively early into the game and is cheap and easy to craft, at just $200 and 2 Bolts, it costs next to nothing to make. When actually applied, it ups the damage quite considerably, at least considering its cost to make, as well as adds a light bleed effect on a critical hit. While not a massive amount of bleed damage a tick, it helps kill off basic enemies such as Walkers or Infected a lot quicker, which is something important to the early game, as well as making harder enemies such as Thugs slightly easier, as the bleed damage can drain their health. Visually, the mod adds various bolts and nuts sticking out of the weapon, making it a lot more ferocious looking.

The first downside of the mod, however, is its rather limited amount of weapons it can be applied to. Being restricted to batons and a single bat, the Metal Baseball Bat, makes the weapon quite limited in scope. In comparison, the Nail'd Mod can be applied to a far wider array of weapons, is acquired earlier and is just as cheap to create in terms of cash and mod parts. The Nail'd Mod also has the EXACT same effect, with the same bleed rank, crit duration and crit damage as this mod, making it better overall to use than the Nuts & Bolts Mod if a bleed effect is wanted. The other downside of the mod is its early availability. While useful for whilst in the Resort if a bleed weapon is wanted, the mod is overshadowed upon reaching Moresby and later, when better bleed mods such as the Glazed Mod and eventually the Razor Mod are found. For Riptide, the Diamond Edge Mod is just a weapon mod to apply to all of these weapons and is acquired similarly quickly after starting the game. Though it does have higher crafting requirements, it deals better base and crit damage to the applied weapon than this mod does. Finally, far later in the game the unique mods Devastating Home Run Mod and Bloody Mary Mod are found which apply to both the Metal Baseball Bat and Batons respectively, which are harder to craft but deal far more crit damage, bleed damage and base increased damage over the Nuts & Bolts Mod and are also unique to one of these applicable weapons, making the mod obsolete by the time the Laboratory is travelled to.


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If you're in possession of several large, heavy bolts and a sturdy club (ideally a metal one) then you will be able to assemble a mace that will come in handy in the current circumstances. A blow with this appliance should be a painful experience for whoever is at the business end of it.
In Dead Island, the mod is given by as a reward by Anne Snider upon completing her side quest Toy Story.
In Dead Island: Riptide, the mod is located north of the Santa Maria Mission, on a small island with a caravan on it.
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Nuts & Bolts Mod