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Noah, also known as Specimen: Noah, is a unique named Mutator featured in Dead Island 2, and the first Mutator to be encountered in the game.


Prior to becoming a Mutator, Noah was immune to Autophage and volunteered to help Dr. Reuben Reed find a cure with his immunity. After heinous experiments, Noah lost his immunity, failing the rebirth process in becoming a true Numen and instead becoming a Mutator.



  • The first Numen Skill slot and card are unlocked upon defeating Noah. This is because the Slayers "eat" a bit of Noah's flesh upon eliminating him.
  • Fury Mode is automatically activated while fighting Noah when his HP reaches below 10% of his peak health. During this forced fury mode, the fury gauge is not emptied by any actions.


  • Noah is voiced by Glenn Wrage.
  • Rainier believes himself to be a brother of Noah as the voices heard by those infected with Autophage tell him so. They are not actually relatives.
  • The name Noah may be a reference to Noah and the Genesis flood narrative, where Noah is tasked to save life from an extinction event, the flood. Similarly, in Dead Island 2, Noah is tasked to save humanity from the extinction event, the eruption of Autophage in every human being alive.
  • Noah's blood drive is accessed with the code KATABASIS. The word Katabasis stands for a journey to the underworld from which one returns. It is typically used in Greek mythology. The word is appropriate as Noah is revived by the electric shock.