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Nick's Hub is a safehouse found in Moresby in Dead Island, directly south of the warehouse.

The Hero finds Nick and his group of survivors outside an abandoned house, exposed and distraught. Nick explains that his best friend and former brother-in-arms, Bob, became infected and locked the group out in an attempt to protect them. Unfortunately, the group is now in more danger and Nick asks the Hero to go inside and put Bob out of his misery, activating the side-quest A New Broom Sweeps Clean. Once Bob has been killed, the group moves back into the house, and the safehouse then became an available fast travel location.


Simon's Hub is, from the outside, a normal looking shanty house in the waterfront district of Moresby. It's a basic, drab shanty house block located on the side of the road, on a slightly raised hill. There's a ladder to reach the roof, which has a small door to get inside, as well as a partially covered area which contains an electrical box. It's easy to miss if you don't know what you're looking for.

Inside, it's in a pretty untidy and shabby state, with all sorts of rubbish strewn about. There's open metal bins, a shopping cart and all manner of rubbish covering the ground. It's built around a central corridor with has four rooms connecting to it. To the right of the door is the bathroom, which has the toilet and combined shower/bath installed. To the left is a living room, which has a sofa, TV and other basic amenities in it. At the rear of the house there are another two rooms. To the right is a kitchen which has a small fridge, a cooker and some cabinets for storing food or utensils in. To the left is a bedroom which has a desk and some bunk beds in it, as well as the ladder up to the roof access.

Associated quests[]


  • If you don't want to especially look for it, just follow the main plot until you receive the quest Lady in Trouble and is informed by Joseph to re-enter the sewers. Follow the mission tracking markers and you will reach a sewers entry. It should be at the middle of a road, which beside it is a small gate half blocked by a broken truck. Jump enter the gate, and on your right hand should be a small group of survivors. Find and talk to Nick to complete his quest, and make the Square an available fast travel station.
  • You can also find it when completing either the side quest The Second Head of Cerberus or Last Chance on the Wall, as both of these take you on a route past Nick and his survivors.
  • It differs from both the Church and Simon's Hub when trying to find it on the fast travel map. It doesn't show up as a location within Moresby itself, rather it shows up right at the bottom of the fast travel list as Square - Abandoned House.
  • The safe house has a workbench and fast travel map, but no merchant.
  • Because this is a separate location rather than something in the game world, if you enter or exit from the safe house, all the zombies will respawn, the same as if you left Moresby and came back.
  • ID Card #58 is located inside the bathroom, on a small table inside the safe house.
  • ID Card #36 is on the wooden decking outside the front door of the safe house. Easy to snag when you first meet Nick and his survivors and take his first quest.
  • Banoi Herald Excerpt #22 is located at the base of the ladder inside the safe house. Easiest to get while completing A New Broom Sweeps Clean.


  • After completing Patrick's side quest Paperwork here, he tells you to talk to Nick, but no dialogue is available. This is likely because the quest was meant to be continued but was ultimately cut from the final game.