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Nick's house entrance

The entrance to Nick's House

Nick's House is a location found in the Quarantine Zone of Henderson and featured in Dead Island: Riptide. It's the only location with a portal in the quarantine zone and is hard to reach. To get to it, you need to go down a set of stairs after going through the main entrance, fight the horde of Walkers that looms on the street, go down a thin, easy to miss alleyway at the foot of the stairs down before finally entering the house. It's unknown who Nick is, but his house and the surrounding apartments are filled with zombies. On the top floor of Nick's House you find an apartment at the end of the corridor which is called Waxwing's Apartment.


Nick's house from the outside looks much like your typical Henderson housing block, being multiple stories and made of brick and stone. It has a covered entranceway with stairs up to the door, while all the rooves are tiled in Mediterranean styling of the rest of Henderson. The windows are nice and large with ornate decorations making up the window frames, as well as having large wooden shutters that can be open or closed.

Inside, the house is actually an apartment complex, with Nick's actual house being one of the many apartments inside. There's a main corridor entranceway which leads to a cross junction. From here, there's a set of double doors on the right which leads to some stairs up, while the various doors remaining lead to apartments, some of which can be entered for minor loot. Heading upstairs leads you to another corridor and several other apartments to clear out which usually have a few Walkers scattered in them.


  • There's little notable loot in Nick's House other than Postcard 7 which is found in Waxwing's Apartment. If you're not into collectibles, there's no point coming here.
  • There's actually little reason to actually come to Nick's House. It's not a part of the story and is annoying to get to, requiring to fight a horde of zombies each time as well as possibly a Ram.
  • A lot of alcohol can be found here. At least 30 bottles can be found scattered on the ground and on random pieces of furniture across the location.
  • A Screamer is located at the foot of the stairs up and can be seen through the partially open double door. However, this is quite beneficial as it's relatively easy to deal with the Screamer like this. Since zombies can't open doors, the Screamer struggles to get through the gap, meaning you can shoot the Screamer without it being able to reach you.


  • Like with Stan's House and several other houses around Henderson, Nick's House also has several pizza illuminated signs hanging outside of it, despite none of the apartments or the interior looking remotely like a pizza restaurant or kitchen.
  • This could be the house of Nick who was met in Moresby in Dead Island, though it's unconfirmed and unlikely as there's little reason for Nick to own a house on Palanai yet be on Banoi in Moresby.