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Nectar of Life is a very easy difficulty continuous event given to the Hero by Kim in Dead Island.


Kim wants you to give her all the water you find.


  • Talk to Kim to start the quest.
  • She wants water as she's parched.
  • As you travel through the game, collect all the water you can find.
  • When you next pass by her, turn in all the water you have. This is the only quest and use for water, so keep handing them in until you've got none left.


  • It's best to find water in the Resort, as there are always plenty of them around the bars area.
  • There's also some that can be found while searching the Hotel.
  • There are a few locations around Moresby that can have water, but it's far more sparse.
  • The reward was increased to 100 XP with Patch 1.3.