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Narapela Jungle

A good look over the jungle

The Narapela Jungle, called in game just the Jungle, is a location featured in Escape Dead Island. It covers most of Narapela and is a dense, tropical jungle similar to those seen on the other islands in the Banoi Archipelago. Due to how dense the jungle is, and how uninhabited Narapela is, the jungle is a perfect place for secretive research stations such as the lab that GeoPharm set up on the island. It's also perfect for tropical getaway mansions and rich homes. Cliff Calo and his friends have to traverse the jungle as they try and get off Narapela, constantly travelling through the foliage to get to the scattered civilisation across the island.


The jungle is, true to form, very dense and easy to get lost in. With a lack of proper tracks and walkways, the jungle is easy to get confused in, not to mention the occasional random signposts scattered around that have too many signs on them to be helpful. The few pathways that are through the jungle are overgrown and unkept, requiring crouching under obstacles or creative uses of the surroundings to get up onto ledges. Occasionally there are proper pathways that are wider and more neatly kept, often with some sort of wooden flooring scattered along them to give some semblance of a proper path.

As for the rest of the jungle, it's filled with exotic plants, trees and animals. There's a lot of small rivers and streams leading to waterfalls which give the air a tranquil, pleasant and relaxing sound as you travel though the jungle. From above, the sprawling canopies and dotted lakes really show off the beauty of Narapela and the archipelago as a whole, showing just why the island chain is so popular with tourists from across the world.


  • It is the first place you meet the Bouncer.
  • Because of the dense foliage, it's easy for zombies to sneak up on you as you go through it, especially dangerous Bouncers, so keep a good look out.
  • GeoPharm File 3 can be found here on an outcrop overlooking the pathway leading from the Beach. There's an orange pipeline leading next to it on one side and a river on the other. The Grappling Hook must be acquired to reach it.
  • GeoPharm File 5 can also be found on an outcrop and requires the grappling hook, however this outcrop is overlooking the bridge leading to the tunnel to the Freight Elevator.
  • GeoPharm File 6 can be found behind a tree just before the wooden footbridge leading to the pile of bodies at the base of the Mountaintop.
  • GeoPharm File 10 can be found just after exiting the cave system leading from the Mountaintop to the GeoPharm Labs. After entering the opening with a walkway to a wooden bridge over the stream, the file is found up a slope to the right where an outcrop is found, with the file in a bush against the cliff face at the back.
  • Charon's Log 1 can be found on the opposite bank of the Rope attachment point used to get down from the Beach. After going over the bridge leading away from the Beach, head towards the waterfall on the other side and the log is there. It can easily be seen from the rope attachment point.
  • Charon's Log 3 can be found in the foliage opposite the hatch down to the Underwater Labs, in front of the GeoPharm Labs.
  • Postcard 3 can be found next to a chain link fence before reaching the pile of bodies. After going over the footbridge, head down the right fork in the path and keep going until you find a chain link fence, the postcard will be up against it.
  • Taking a picture of the Bouncer with the Camera gives Snapshot 9.
  • Taking a picture of one of the grey/orange buildings in the distance with the Camera gives Snapshot 14.
  • Taking a picture of one of the antennas in the distance with the Camera gives Snapshot 16.
  • Taking a picture of the security camera with the Camera gives Snapshot 19.
  • Taking a picture of the Explosive Barrel with the Camera gives Snapshot 36.
  • Taking a picture of the grille with the Camera gives Snapshot 42.
  • Taking a picture of the alarm/siren pole with the Camera gives Snapshot 44.
  • Taking a picture of the purple flowers with large leaves with the Camera gives Snapshot 77.