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For the weapon of the same name in Dead Island 2, see Nailgun.

The Nail Gun is a firearm featured in Dead Island: Riptide. It can be given out as a quest reward, sold by certain Merchants and found in metal chests or on killed Zombies.


The Nail Gun is a special type of firearm that fires nails. Like throwing weapons, these nails can be recollected after being fired, making it impossible to run of of ammo; that is, if you don't miss and can find them after firing them, something tricky to do if using it in the jungle and it gets fired into the undergrowth.

Compared to standard Pistols, Nail Guns have slightly higher base damage per shot, but also have a slower fire rate, longer reload time, do less damage on critical hit, and also have a lower head shot damage multiplier (2.5x vs. 4x). They also accept fewer modifications than most Pistols, only accepting the Hooligan Gun and Rifle Mods, as well as the Shock Gun Mod. The Nail Gun holds 10 nails in the magazine, higher than a heavy pistol (that holds 9 shots) but lower than a standard pistol (which has 15 rounds). The other major drawback of the Nail Gun over a pistol is the lack of sights. This makes going for headshots very tricky, as t here's nothing to aim up your shot with, which can result in missed shots and possibly loosing the ammo if you can't find it.

Nail Guns require Nail Gun Ammo to be fired. This ammo is different than the Nails modification item. Nail Gun Ammo is also highly rare, as it cannot appear randomly in any containers or on any enemies, and except for 4 specific locations in the Henderson Ferry area can only be purchased from merchants. Merchants also will only sell ammunition one unit at a time for $375 each, before discounts. The ammo also can't be crafted either, increasing its scarcity. When looking for fired nails, this can be tricky as the ammo is very small, thus hard to find, especially in dark areas or the Flooded jungle.


The Nail Gun can accept a select few firearm mods:


  • A Nail Gun be given by Trevor Rogers for completing the main quest Back to Reality.
  • Several merchants can sell Nail Guns:
  • The nail gun has VERY off-centre iron sights, making it difficult to aim with beyond close range. The actual reticule is 45 degrees up and right of what the iron sights show, see pictures below. This, coupled with its low headshot multiplier, might make it better to aim for body shots at longer ranges and use hip fire at close range or indoors where the nails can be easily retrieved if you miss.
  • Nails can get stuck in the ground if they aren't stuck in a surface (like when shooting a Propane Tank or crushing a zombie's head you've headshot), making them visible but impossible to interact with.
  • Enemies can land on top of nails when they die, making it hard to pick the ammo back up. Kicking them around a bit and spamming your interact button usually helps.
  • For some reason, the weapon can accept both the pistol and rifle version of the Striker Mod.


  • Real-life nail guns can carry as many as a hundred nails per clip. In Riptide, the clip has been reduced to 10 for gameplay balancing purposes.