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Mysterious house

The exterior of the house

The Mysterious House is a location featured in Escape Dead Island. It is found in the Staff Village and upon first arriving there, the ground floor is shrouded in darkness, meaning Cliff must find the combat flashlight to explore it. One of the laptops that Faith Kimball left across the village can be found here, in the upper room of the house, but otherwise Cliff largely ignores this house as he travels through. Once the player returns with the combat flashlight and enters the dark kitchen, it is revealed that the mysterious house belongs to Dr. Aaron Welles.


The house is typical of all the houses found in the Staff Village. It is white, modern with wooden extensions and columns holding up the balcony walkway around the upper floor. It has a large, open area out the front of it as well as being a two story building. This house has the electrical box built onto the side of it, and when Cliff first arrives, he must turn it off to progress. The lower floor is dark, due to the broken electricity, while the top floor is open. Inside, it's got a typical layout also found in all the houses here. The main door opens to a living room, which consists of some shelves, a desk with a computer and office chair, as well as some wooden cabinets. There's a doorway to the stairs, which is closed and can't be opened, while a doorway leads to the kitchen. The kitchen is very nice, with a large countertop, wooden cabinets and a large fridge. There's a wooden table and chair set as well as a, now withered, potted plant. The upper floor room is the bedroom, with a single bed in the corner of the room. There's also a desk here with a computer, office chair, some shelves, a coffee table and a couple more relaxation chairs.


  • Charon's Log #2 is found downstairs just after entering it with the flashlight. It is on a table near the doorway to the kitchen.
  • The Secret Camera lost story is found here, on a chest of drawers near the door to the upper balcony.
  • A medkit is found in the kitchen itself, on the counter next to the fridge.
  • It is revealed by Cliff that whoever the scientist was that lived here, they were involved with longevity research, but it's unknown how Cliff knows this.
  • Taking a picture of the research on the desk/walls on the upper floor with the Camera gives Snapshot 22.