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My Precious is an easy difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Jeannine in Dead Island.


The Hero is asked by Jeannine to retrieve the necklace her husband gave her, which she forgot in her rush to escape.


  • Talk to Jeannine to start the quest.
  • She tells you that she's lost an important and sentimental necklace. She was in such a rush to escape her bungalow that she forgot to grab the necklace that her husband gave her, so she asks you to collect it when you next pass by her bungalow.
  • Head out of the Lifeguard Tower and get in the car if applicable.
  • If you haven't yet completed Lazarus Rising to fix the car, do that now, as a car is important for your mobility around the Resort.
  • If you're not taking the car, make your way down the main road, taking care when you encounter zombies, until you reach Bungalow #6, Jeannine's bungalow. If going by car, you can be there in 30 seconds or so.
  • The entrance will be blocked by another car, which is good if you came here on foot.
  • Move the car out of the entrance to gain access to the bungalow. Two people will be here, Jessica and Roger Nelson, and they offer a side quest that you should do now.
  • Jeannine's necklace is on a table, grab it and get into the car. If completing the other side quest, you can drive to the Lighthouse and unlock that safe house at the same time. You can use the fast travel map here to get back to the Lifeguard Tower.
  • If you're not completing the side quest for whatever reason, turn the car around and drive back to the Lifeguard Tower.
  • However you get back, go talk to Jeannine and hand over the necklace to complete the quest.


  • You can easily complete Jessica Nelson's side quest Bloody Valentine while retrieving the necklace. This is advised as it's a good way to also unlock the Lighthouse if you haven't already.
  • The car will respawn at this bungalow, so if you ever were stuck in that area without a car, head to Bungalow #6 to take that car.


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