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The Mutator is an Apex zombie in Dead Island 2. Mutators are the strongest Apex Variants, sporting a high amount of health, inflicting heavy damage and having no weaknesses unlike other Apex Variants. They are first encountered at Ocean Avenue during the main quest The Search for Truth, and are then encountered in certain hot spots across Los Angeles as well as randomly outside of hot spots.


Mutators are notable for first appearing as normal Walkers. They can be identified as bald and shirtless men with green pants. When alerted to the player's presence or through a nearby loud noise, Mutators will mutate into large abominations. They will grow several feet taller, their chest cavity will open up and their left arm will sprout a large sharpened bone club. During this process, Mutators will be invulnerable to damage, giving players a few seconds to gain some distance. Once the transformation is complete, Mutators will rush the player and attempt to strike them with their club arm. If the player is far enough away from them, they will shoot bone shards from their chest cavity that will cause the Bleed status effect.

Mutators are resistant to projectile and explosive damage. As such, it is advised to prioritize and dispatch them quickly with high damage weapons such as Headhunter weapons or Fury Mode. Mutators can be killed quickly if they are identified before their transformation and hit with high damage projectiles from Hunting Rifles. This will also award the achievement/trophy Not Even My Final Form. Mutators drop several rare and superior Fabrication Parts which are used for fabricating Superior weapon mods. They can be easily farmed at the Mutator Hot Spot in Beverly Hills. One or two Mutators can be found in and around the home. They will then have a high chance of respawning if players return to the main menu and reload the game.

Attack patterns[]

Mutators have 5 moves to choose from. Their most common attack is a combination of 2 slaps with the hand followed by a jump where they slam their bone club on the ground, creating a shockwave. (The bone club itself will damage the player for the same damage as a slap if they are too close during the jump) During this combination attack, the Mutator slowly inches forward. A level 30 Mutator deals ~751.6 damage with a slap. The entire combo can be blocked by holding Block.

Their next most common attack is thrusting their bone club forward. This attack will deal 20% more damage than a regular slap and can deal 20% of its damage through block.

The Mutator will occasionally attempt to “eat” the player with their chest cavity. This will prompt a grab quick time event. Failing the quick time event will result in certain death, regardless of the player’s HP. During the quick time event, the rib cage bones will periodically deal bleed damage. A level 30 Mutator will periodically deal ~375.8 bleed damage.

Rarely, Mutators will spin around. This will cause normal damage and knock the player back a significant distance.

When the player breaks line of sight or moves too far away, then the Mutator will start to shoot barbed bones from its chest cavity. These deal a massive amount of bleed damage but can be intercepted by obstacles and other enemies. The barbed bones also spread out during travel, meaning only a portion of the barbed bones hit the player if they are far away. A point blank hit from a level 30 Mutator deals ~3006 bleed damage and is guaranteed to apply the bleed status effect afterwards. The point blank hit combined with the bleed status effect is enough to kill the player in one hit.

Only the damage of the slaps, bone club thrust, bone club smash and spin attack will be increased for notable Mutators.

Notable Mutators[]



  • The combo attack can be dodged by standing against the Mutator. Only the final shockwave will be able to hit the player.
  • The Mutator is always enraged when mutated.
    • Enraged is considered a harmful status effect, meaning that the damage boost from No Mercy is always active against mutators after they mutate.
  • The limbs of a mutator cannot be removed, even in its walker form.



Name Criteria Description
First Blood Kill 1 Mutator Mutators blend into the horde, looking like Walkers or Shamblers. Loud noises will trigger their transformation early.
Under The Skin Kill 5 Mutators The Mutator's warped physiology is resistant to PROJECTILE and EXPLOSIVE damage.
Sliced To The Bone A Mutator can eject a salvo of barbed bone darts from its ruptured chest cavity. These PROJECTILES cause BLEED damage.
Deep In The Guts Kill 30 Mutators The Mutator's ruptured chest cavity bristles with rib-like "teeth". Losing a GRAPPLE contest with one means certain DEATH!


Name Criteria Reward
No Time To Grow 1 Slay 1 Mutator before it mutates. $100
No Time To Grow 2 Slay 5 Mutators before they mutate. $250
No Time To Grow 3 Slay 10 Mutators before they mutate.


Name Criteria Reward
Change Is Constant 1 Slay 10 Mutators while playing the game as any Slayer. PEAK HEALTH+
Change Is Constant 2 Slay 25 Mutators while playing the game as any Slayer. PEAK HEALTH++
Change Is Constant 3 Slay 50 Mutators while playing the game as any Slayer. PEAK HEALTH+++


  • The sounds when a Mutator transforms originate from Christmas wrapping paper.[1]
  • It is theorised that the Mutator is an experiment gone wrong due to them gaining the strength of a Wrestler and the speed and bone “weapon” of a Butcher.