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Mutated Wayne is the infected and mutated undead form of Wayne and a boss zombie featured in Dead Island: Riptide. After being bitten by a zombie at Marik's Marina, Wayne was infected and was going to turn into a zombie. However, he had to traverse the Japanese Tunnels with the other survivors to make it towards Henderson. The tunnels were filled with dangerous and toxic Mutagen which was capable of mutating DNA, especially that of infected survivors. When Harlow Jordan learned of this, she pushed Wayne into a puddle of mutagen to see what it would do to him, as she secretly knew he was infected. Wayne rapidly mutated, coughing up vomit and blood, before being hustled into a blocked off compound, where he mutated into a grotesque, massive Wrestler. The Heroes are forced to kill their once friend in order to continue the way to Henderson.


Mutated Wayne is an extremely large zombie, and far larger than any Wrestlers encountered in Henderson, which is likely due to the mutagens and mutation. He is extremely durable with piles of health and resistance to damage. He towers over the Heroes and takes up a large amount of the space in his arena. However, Wayne is also slow moving with powerful and sweeping attacks that have the drawback of being very slow with a long wind down speed. His arena is littered with open gas pipes that deal heavy damage to him.


As a Wrestler, Mutated Wayne shares all the same hallmarks except being extremely large. His right arm is highly mutated, with thick swelling muscles that have formed it into a fleshy club. The rest of his body is similarly muscular, tearing off most of his clothes bar his pants in the mutation. It has rapidly decolorized his skin, making it a grey color, whilst his face is bloody and mutated. His intestines are also seen spilling out of his torso.


Mutated Wayne is hostile to any non-zombies that come near him, and he will roam around his arena until he finds one. When he does, he will stomp over to them and attempt to crush them with his club, swinging it over his head and down onto them to smash them into the ground. If this is not possible, he will instead swing his club arm in several wide swings in front of him before slamming it on the floor in front of him, knocking down any survivor near to him.


  • Using any sort of firearm is an easy way of wasting ammunition, even with headshots and mods. Even in a new game + run when you have a Sniper Rifle, it will still take many headshots to kill him. Do not bother shooting him.
  • Likewise, entering melee with him is little more than suicide and a quick way to run out of durability on all your weapons. Keep away from him and use the arena hazards instead.
  • Throwables could be used against him, as could Mines, however this is a dangerous tactic and will also not deal enough damage to make much headway in his health bar.
  • Walkers will spawn and flood the arena in pairs whilst fighting Wayne. However, kill enough of them and they will stop spawning, allowing you free reign to run around Wayne and avoid his attacks.
  • Wayne is very powerful and his attacks do a lot of damage as well as being capable of knocking you back and to the floor. However, they are also slow to wind up and have a long wind down time. Use this to get away from him or turn on one of the valves in the arena.
  • The fastest and best way to kill Wayne is to use the steam valves in various locations in the arena. Bait Wayne into standing in the way of a steam outlet, then get him to attack, which will temporarily keep him in place. Whilst he attacks, move out of the way and turn one of the valves in the arena to activate the steam. It will deal heavy damage to him as well as large residual afterburn.