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Maximum Weight Gym is a location featured in Dead Island 2. It is an open air gym located on the sea front of Venice Beach and was frequented by bodybuilders, including Alex Nguyen and his friends Moose and Dillon.


The primarily outdoor gym sports several weightlifting stations and machines in a slightly raised gym space, covered in rubber mats and bordered by fencing. One side of the outdoor gym is connected to an indoor gym space, only accessible temporarily during a story quest. The far side of the gym is connected to a conrete stage, likely being used as a secondary stage for the West Coast Weights Strongman competition just prior to the events of the game. Multiple sets of outdoor bathroom stalls flank the gym on either side.


  • The Slayers first come here during the main quest The Giant-Slayer, when Alex asks them to find Moose and Dillon and put them out of their undead misery, believing they are targeting him.
    • The indoor area of the gym is only accessible during the quest, after clearing out the outdoor area of zombies.
  • Muscle Beach Nutrition is located opposite the gym on the Venice Beach Boardwalk.


  • The Muscle Beach Gym appears to be based on the real life Venice Beach Gym on the Venice Beach Boardwalk in Venice ,CA.