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Mugambe's Daughter (name unknown) is a zombie featured in Dead Island. She is encountered when Mugambe asks the Hero to put down his Daughter and Wife in the quest In Cold Blood. She is an Infected.


Mugambe's Daughter is a young woman. She wears a yellow patterned vest, a dirty blue undershirt, light green plaid pants, and yellow slip-on shoes. She also wears a yellow head wrap and a pair of pearl ball earrings.


  • It appears that she was infected after her mother, given that she is still undergoing the zombification process while her mother has already become a Walker. It is possible that her mother was the one that infected her.
  • She could be an Infected rather than a Walker because of her age. It's a likely idea that younger people would turn into Infected due to their younger muscles and age.
  • Her true name is never revealed, instead she is just referred to as Mugambe's daughter.
  • It appears that Mugambe's Daughter is the only undead child seen in the game.
  • Despite being a named zombie, she is no tougher than a regular Infected, able to be killed in one shot to the head.