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Dead Island: Epidemic development has been canceled. Servers are closed since October 15th 2015. You can no longer play the game.
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Mr. White's Master is a character mentioned in Dead Island: Epidemic. He is the teacher of Mr. White. Due to the cancellation of Epidemic, he never made an appearance in the game. However, he does have some quotes and a couple of art pieces, as well as a reveal trailer, so it can be inferred that development of the character was close to being finished. He would likely have played similarly to Mr. White, considering he is his teacher, just with some more powerful abilities being the Elder.


One's environment can be a lethal weapon in the right hands. You, Mr White... Consider new hands.

A missed attack can be both a failure and an oppurtunity. You, Mr White... You probably will not see many oppurtunities.

Enter battle calm in both mind and body. You, Mr White... Could settle with angry.

A skilled warrior knows when and when not to follow up an attack. You, Mr White... Maybe just guess.

Superior speed may very well win your battles. You, Mr White... Sadly lack any form of superiority.

A good attack will lift your spirits. You, Mr White... Shame nothing you make is good.

A confused enemy is one's favorite enemy. You, Mr White... You are everybody's favorite.