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Mr. Dead is a notable zombie encountered during the side quest White Line in Dead Island: Riptide. He used to be a drug dealer before the outbreak and worked out of a secret basement in his shack in the Breri Outpost in the Flooded jungle. He got bitten when it was overrun and remained trapped in his shack ever since.


Mr. Dead is a pseudo-boss zombie of sorts. He's a large Infected who has more health than your average Infected, somewhat like the Infected Warrior from the original Dead Island. He can be found in the upper floor of his shack after breaking down the door, whereupon the Hero has to fight him. He acts like a normal Infected, where he'll scream and then run at the hero to perform a series of attacks with his arms. He is then killed by the hero who can then proceed to search the rest of the shack to continue the quest.


Mr. Dead Is a young to middle aged man with balding black hair and a clean shaven face. He wears a green t-shirt, light green shorts held by a brown belt, and black boots, as well as a black wristband on his left wrist and a black pouch on his left thigh.


  • You can use Fury Mode to take him down quickly if you have it.
  • Mr. Dead is a toxic infected, so any fire weapon will light him on fire with a lot of damage in afterburn, which will kill him.
  • If you throw a molotov at him and then close the door, you'll inflict a lot of free damage on him, as he can't open doors. Just make sure you catch him with the full amount.
  • If you still have the flare gun that Trevor gave you near the start of the game, you can repeatedly shoot him with it using the same tactic. Open the door, shoot him in the head, then close the door and wait for him to take full damage from the fire. If you've built up a stock of free ammo from Paradise Survival Camp, you should be able to repeat it until he's dead.
  • If you've completed some of the team quests by now, you might also have a stock of other explosives depending on who's quests you've completed. These are very useful for getting a lot of damage on him quickly.
  • You can also set a mine by the door before you open it, so he will charge at you and set off the mine. If you use multiple, it can kill him instantly.